Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#58502 by bola_dor
Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:56 pm

I hve this notebook with the lcd screen broken!!
it`s an Oliboock 500 series (kind of a generic/barebone renamed as Olivetti)

could find this info
BIOS Type: Phoenix
BIOS Date: February 15th 2008
BIOS OEM: 1.11
Chipset: SiS 671 rev 0
SuperIO: Unknown
Manufacturer: OEM
Motherboard: U40SI

As the screen is broken Idon`t care about loosing it, but I whant to connect the vga output to a LCD TV
Its native resolution is 1920x1080 60Hz I know hardware won`t give me that but 1280x768 will do the job or any 16:9 matrix.

about the monitor .ini file.. I don`t have any (it`s a TV!!) so is there any .ini that I can use or modify to use?

ESC download page is empty (today at least)
so here is the BIOS from the actual vendor (u40.rar 529Kb) ... &Itemid=60