Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#11235 by dw134
Mon Nov 18, 2002 11:54 pm
I write programs in Access, and help my mates out with occasional probelms, virus infections, setting up printers and the like. Well I have a real dozy been dumped on me.

One of my mates workers flashed the bios of his laptop. He did not realise he was doing it, can't tell me where he got the bios from, doesn't know nothing. :?

The only reason I know the bios has been flashed is the floppy was still in the drive and has a file on it Upbios.exe.

I have never tried a Bios flash before, and in fact would not try it given a choice. But I figure, well it''s done now so... lets see if I can fix it.

The laptop still accesses the floppy drive. On start up the machine lights flash to indicate activity on the hard drive and the floppy. However, there is no video at all, so I do not know exactly what is happening.

So far I have contacted the supplier and requested a copy of the correct BIOS.

I was hoping someone might be kind enough to walk through this procedure of recovery with me, being a newbie to this end of the field it would be very helpful.