Wim Bervoets

Wim Bervoets Founder

Wim's BIOS will help you keep your PC in optimal health and give you expert knowledge about BIOS to give you an edge in tech niche circles :-)

You've come to best place if you want to learn how to update your BIOS, identify your motherboard, mod your BIOS or tweak your computer to the max!

My name is Wim Bervoets and I'm the founder of Wim's BIOS Page. The history of this site goes back to 1996 when I was taking my first steps on the internet.

Being inspired by hardware oriented sites like Tom's Hardware which were in their begindays too, I wanted to learn and create sites myself.

This happened at the same time when I started to play with upgrading BIOSes, so that's why I got started with a site about BIOS information. Gradually the site grew to what it is now - an authority site about BIOS update information - with an active forum.

Of course I could not all have done this by myself, so I would like to thank our associates and moderators!

To contact me via email, Twitter or LinkedIn, please visit our contact us page. If you want to update you BIOS, please check out our BIOS Update page.

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