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To update the BIOS of your Intel system, that is using a Phoenix BIOS, you'll first need to identify the motherboard used.

An example of a BIOS identification string is GTG4310H.86A.0011.P05

The first TWO sections of the BIOS Version indicate the BIOS ID code, which is GTG4310H.86A in our example. The syntax can be further broken down into:

  • 4A3NT0X0 : Motherboard model
  • 86: OEM manufacturer code
  • A: Board type
    • A = consumer desktop
    • B = corporate server
    • C = consumer server
    • E = workstation
  • 0011: BIOS Revision
  • P05: Release type (P = Production, D = Development, A = Alpha, B = Beta) and number

If your OEM manufacturer code is 86 - this means you have an Intel motherboard for which Intel will give support. If this code differs, this means you have a motherboard made by Intel for an OEM (eg. Dell). In this case you'll have to find BIOS updates and support at your OEMs site.

Some motherboards will have both an OEM version and an Intel version; for these it is possible to flash an Intel Phoenix BIOS on an Intel OEM board, when eg. your OEM didn't release the latest version available for the Intel non-OEM motherboard.

Intel Phoenix BIOS OEMs list

As noted above the second part of the Intel Phoenix BIOS ID denotes the OEM for which Intel manufactured the motherboard. Based on whether you have an OEM version of an Intel motherboard, you may have to find your BIOS upgrade on the site of your OEM or on Intel's own site.

The following is a list of all OEM ids used in the Intel Phoenix BIOS IDs.

Intel Phoenix BIOS OEMs list

04 Sony
05 Micron
10 Dell
11 Packard Bell / NEC
12 IBM / Lenovo
15 Gateway 2000
17 IBM
18 Compaq
21 HP
22 NEC / Packard Bell
25 Vobis
28 Toshiba
31 VPR
44 eMachines / Gateway
46 Gateway
86 Intel

Intel Phoenix BIOS IDs list

The following is a list of all the Intel Phoenix BIOS IDs we have in our database. It should help you to find the correct BIOS Update.

Intel Phoenix BIOS IDs list

Phoenix BIOS ID Motherboard model
4A3NT0X0.4A Sony VAIO PCV-130, PCV-150 AN430TX
4A3NT0X0.5A MBD001083 Millennia® MME (Anchorage/AN430TX)
4A3NT0X0.11A Packard Bell PB790, NEC Direction SPT series, Ready
4A3NT0X0.28A Toshiba Infinia 7202, 7230, 7231 series AN430TX
4A3NT0X0.86A AN430TX (Anchorage)
4A4BZ0X0.86A AB440ZX (Alberta OEM-only board)
4A4LL0X0.4A Sony VAIO PCV-T710MR, PCV-T720MR, PCV-T510R, PCV-200, PCV-210, PCV-220, PCV-230, PCV-240 AL440LX
4A4LL0X0.5A MBD001092/MBD001098 Millennia® XKU/ClientPro® 766XI (Augusta/AL440LX)
4A4LL0X0.10A Dell Dimension XPS D series AL440LX
4A4LL0X0.11A Packard Bell PB800 NEC Direction SPL series, Ready
4A4LL0X0.15A AL440LX Gateway Astoria
4A4LL0X0.21A HP Pavilion 8190 AL440LX
4A4LL0X0.86A AL440LX (Atlanta)
4A4RB0X0.86A AR440BX (Aruba)
4A4RB0X0.10A Dell Dimension XPS V series AR440BX
4B4IZ0XA.86A BI440ZX (Bimini)
4B4LZ0XA.86A BL440ZX (Bali)
4C3NT0X0.22A NEC Powermate 5000 CN430TX
4C3NT0X0.86A CN430TX
4C3NT0X0.86C CN430TX
4D4KL0X0.15A DK440LX Gateway Intel Dual Pentium II Motherboard w/ Integrated SCSI
4D4KL0X0.86A DK440LX (Dakota)
4F4JZ0XB.15A FJ440ZX Gateway Freeman ZX
4F4JZ0XB.86A FJ440ZX (Fiji OEM-only board)
4J4NB0X1.15A JN440BX Gateway Jabil Maverick 440BX NLX
4J4NB0X1.22A NEC PowerMate 8100 JN440BX
4J4NB0X1.86A AST Bravo MS 8XXX JN440BX
4J4NB0X1.86A JN440BX (Juneau)
4K4UE0X0.22A NEC PowerMate 5100 Enterprise KU440EX
4K4UE0X0.86A KU440EX (Kaui)
4K4UE0X1.15A KU440EX Gateway Waimea 440EX NLX
4L3TT0X0.5A MBD001090 ClientPro® MRE (Lonetree/LT430TX)
4L3TT0X0.15A LT430TX Gateway Jabil586/Solectron 586
4L3TT0X0.86A LT430TX (Lonetree)
4L4ML0X0.86C LM440LX (Livermore)
4M4PB0X1.15A MP440BX Gateway Jabil Tabor Pentium II BX
4M4PB0X1.86A MP440BX (Mount Prospect OEM-only board)
4M4SG0X0.15A MS440GX Gateway Spearfish
4M4SG0X0.86B MS440GX (Marlin )
4M4UE0X1.11A Packard Bell PB880 NEC Direction SPE series, Ready
4M4UE0X1.86A MU440EX (Maui)
4M4UE0X3.11A Packard Bell PB885 MU440EX rev3
4M4UE0X3.86A MU440EX (Maui)
4N4XL0X0.22A NEC PowerMate 8000 Enterprise NX440LX
4N4XL0X0.86A NX440LX (Rockaway)
4O4CL0X0.15A OC440LX Gateway Intel Pentium II Slot 1 LX MicroATX (4000335)
4R4CB0XA.15A RC440BX Gateway Tolstoy
4R4CB0XA.17D IBM Aptiva 2444-xxx RC440BX
4R4CB0XA.86A RC440BX (Rochester)
4S4EB0X1.5A MBD001099/MBD001116 Millennia® Max/ClientPro® CS (Seattle/SE440BX)
4S4EB0X1.10A Dell Dimension XPS R series SE440BX
4S4EB0X1.11A Packard Bell PB870 NEC Direction SPB series, Ready
4S4EB0X1.86A SE440BX (Seattle crystal audio)
4S4EB0X2.11A NEC Direction SPB series SE440BX-2
4S4EB2X0.5A MBD001109/MBD001138 Millennia® Max/ClientPro® CS/Millennia® EX - Cascade II (Seattle 2/SE440BX2)
4S4EB2X0.10A Dell Dimension XPS T series SE440BX-3 (OEM-only)
4S4EB2X0.86A SE440BX-2 (Seattle-2 Yamaha audio)
4S4EB3X0.86A SE440BX-3 (Seattle-3 Creative audio OEM-only board)
4S4RB0XA.86A SR440BX (Sun River - used in the Medion P2-400 systems)
4W4SB0X0.15A WS440BX Gateway Tabor 2/Jabil BX
4W4SB0X0.86A WS440BX (Warm Springs OEM-only board)
8C1A100A.10A Dell Dimension XPS LXXXc series CA810
8C1A100A.86A CA810 (Cayman)
8W1L100A.86A WL810 (Willow Springs OEM-only board)
AB94610J.86A D946GZAB (La Mesa)
AG91510J.15A D915GAG Gateway Augsburg
AG91510J.15A Gateway Augsburg 915G/915GV/eMachines UK 3240 4020 E4024 E4026 E4028 5240 5250 5260 8240, US D5039 H5026 T3522 T5010 T5016 T5020 T5022 T5026
ALB6510H.86A DB65AL
ANG4110H.86A DG41AN
APQ4310H.86A DQ43AP
ASPN0.86B AD450NX (Aspen Drake)
ASPN1.86B AC450NX (Aspen Cabrillo)
BA81010.86A BA810 (Baton Rouge OEM-only board)
BAP6710H.86A DP67BA
BAP6710H.86A DP67DE
BEH6110H.86A DH61BE
BEH6110H.86A DH61CR
BEH6110H.86A DH61DL
BEH6110H.86A DH61WW
BF86510A.15A D865GBF Gateway Midway, Midway Plus, Midway 2 GV, Midway 2 PE
BF86510A.15A D865GVHZ Gateway Hazelton
BF86510A.15A Gateway Hazelton /eMachines UK 3010, US T3406 T3882 T3985 T3990 T3995 T3998 T4010 H3882 H3990
BF86510A.86A D865GBF (Garibaldi C )
BF86510A.86A D865GLC (Medford)
BF86510A.86A D865GRH (Maryville)
BF86510A.86A D865GVHZ
BGP6710J.86A DP67BG
BIG4110H.86A DG41BI
BK95510J.86A D955XBK (Prague)
BK95510J.86A D955XBP (Sandusky- "Classic" series)
BK95510J.86A D955XCS (Rio Vista - "Media" series)
BLH6710H.86A DH67BL
BLH6710H.86A DH67CF
BLH6710H.86A DH67CL
BLH6710H.86A DH67GD
BLH6710H.86A DH67VR
BN81510A.86A D815BN (Cayman 2, was CA810E)
BP81010A.86A BP810 (Black Pine OEM-only board)
BT84510A.86A D845EBT (Pacific Grove)
BT84520A.31T VPR Matrix FT2100-PE, FT3110-PE, FT5110-PE, FT7100-PE, FT9100-PE, FT9150-PE
BT84520A.86A D845PEBT2 (Free Town)
BTX3810J.86A DX38BT
BTX3810J.86A DX48BT2
BW81011A.86A BW810 (Birchwood used in Dell WebPC)
BX97510J.86A D975XBX (Rogers City - "Classic" series)
BX97520J.86A D975XBX2 (Shrewsbury - "Classic" series)
BZ87510A.15A D875PBZ Gateway Wasp
BZ87510A.86A D875PBZ (Rock Lake)
C3NT0X0.86A CN430TX (Chattanooga)
C440GX0.86B C440GX+ (Cypress)
CA81020A.10A Dell Dimension 2100, XPS LXXXr, XPS LXXXcx, XPS LXXXcxe series CA810E
CA81020A.86A CA810E (Cayman-2, now D810E2CB)
CA81030A.86A D810E2CA3 (Gem Valley", ATI Radeon Xpress 200 based))
CA86510A.12T ??? D848PFT2 Lenovo/IBM
CB81010A.15A D810E2CB Gateway Santorini
CB81010A.86A D810E2CB (Little Valley", ATI Radeon Xpress 200 based))
CBQ4510H.86A DQ45CB
CBQ4510H.86A DQ45EK
CC82010A.86A CC820 (Cape Cod)
CL94510J.86A D945GCL (Culver City)
CNG4110H.86A DG41CN
CO96510J.86A DQ965CO (Marble Springs - "Classic" series)
CO96510J.86A DQ965GF (Stoughton - "Media" series)
CO96510J.86A DQ965WC (Pelzer - "Media" series)
CR94510J.86A D945GCCR (Black Canyon)
CV92510A.86A D925XBC (Cherry Creek)
CV92510A.86A D925XCV
CV92510A.86A D925XEBC2 (Glen Ridge)
CV92510A.86A D925XECV2 (Woodridge)
CV92510A.86A D925XHY
CY91510A.11T Packard Bell/NEC Perhentian (marked D915GVWK/listed D915PWK)
CY91510A.86A D915PBL
CY91510A.86A D915PCM (Pleiades)
CY91510A.86A D915PCY (Iron Falls)
CY91510A.86A D915PGN (Luxemburg)
CY91510A.86A D915PSY (Comanche Creek)
DK94510M.86A D945PDK
DPP3510J.86A DG33BU
DPP3510J.86A DG33FB
DPP3510J.86A DG33TL
DPP3510J.86A DP35DP
DT91510J.86A D915PDT (South Lake)
EA81510A.10A Dell Dimension 4100 XPS-Z D815EEA
EA81510A.15A D815EEA Gateway Fedora
EA81510A.86A D815EEA (Montreal)
EA81520A.15A D815EEA2 Gateway KittyHawk, Kittyhawk 1.5
EA81520A.86A D815EEA2 (Bozeman)
EA81520A.86A D815EFV (Easton)
EA81520A.86A D815EPEA2
EA81520A.86A D815EPFV
EA81520a.86B S815EBM1
ECG3510M.86A DG35EC
EV91510A.4T Sony Vaio VGC-RB1xx, VGC-RB3xx series D915GEV (Horizon)
EV91510A.86A D915GAG (Creede)
EV91510A.86A D915GAV (Carmack)
EV91510A.86A D915GEV (Shoal Creek)
EV91510A.86A D915GHA (Bonanza)
EV91510A.86A D915GMH (Augsburg)
EV91510A.86A D915GRF (Eatonville)
EV91510A.86A D915GUX (Vanguard)
EW81510A.86A D815EGEW
FB82010A.15A FB820 Gateway Valhalla
FB82010A.86A FB820 (Fairbanks)
FN84510A.86A D845GVFN (Villanova)
FN84510A.86A D845PEMY (Havre)
GB85010A.15A D850GB Gateway Monterrey
GB85010A.18A Compaq Presario 7120US D850GB
GB85010A.86A D850GB (Millersburg)
GB85010A.86A D850GBC (Medford-2)
GC11010N.86A D101GGC (Grand County", ATI Radeon Xpress 200 based) - "Essential" series)
GC11020M.86A D102GGC2 (Grand County 2", ATI Radeon Xpress 200 based) - "Essential" series)
GLG3110H.86A DG31GL
GS81010A.86A GS810 (Great Smokey OEM-only board)
GTG4310H.86A DG43GT
HM81510A.10A Dell Dimension 4200 D815???
HV84510A.15A D845HV Gateway El Paso
HV84510A.86A D845HV (Ashland-2)
HV84510A.86A D845WN (Maywood)
IDG4510H.86A DG45FC
IDG4510H.86A DG45ID
JOQ3510J.86A DQ35JO
JOQ3510J.86A DQ35MP
JT94510H.86A D945GSEJT
KBQ7710H.86A Desktop Board DQ77KB
KRG4110H.86A DG41KR
L440GX0.86B ISP2150 Internet Server Platform
L440GX0.86B L440GX+ (Lancewood)
L440GX0.86B LB440GX
LDB4310H.86A DB43LD
LF94510J.86A D945GCLF
LF94510J.86A D945GCLF2
LY66210M.86A D201GLY
LY66210M.86A D201GLY2
LY84510A.15A D845GLLY Gateway Dasher
LY84510A.86A D845GLAD (Brownsville)
LY84510A.86A D845GLLY (Brownsville-2)
LY84510A.86A D845GVAD2 (Layton)
MADRO0.86A MB440LX (Madrona)
MADRO0.86B MB440LX Server Platform
ME94510M.86A D945GRW (Bear Canyon - "Media" series)
MJG4110H.86A DG41MJ
MO81010A.86A D810EMO (Cayman 3)
MQ96510J.15A DG965LV Gateway Love Valley G
MQ96510J.15A DP965LV Gateway Love Valley P
MQ96510J.86A DG965LT (Mequon - "Media" series)
MQ96510J.86A DG965MQ (Isleton - "Essential" series)
MQ96510J.86A DG965MS (Toston - "Essential" series)
MQ96510J.86A DG965OT (Black Creek - "Extreme" series)
MQ96510J.86A DG965PZ (Black Rapids)
MQ96510J.86A DG965RY (Chisolm Trail - "Extreme" series)
MQ96510J.86A DG965SS (Flaxton - "Classic" series)
MQ96510J.86A DG965WH (Garreston)
MQ96510J.86A DP965LT
MQ96510J.86A DQ963FX (White Swan/White Salmon - "Media" series)
MS8P0.86B Server Platform SRPL8
MS8P0.86B SRPL8 (Harwich)
MV85010A.15A D850MV Gateway Lexington, Lexington 2 and Lexington 3
MV85010A.86A D850EMD2 (Pendleton)
MV85010A.86A D850EMV2 (Winnipeg)
MV85010A.86A D850MD (Maryville-2)
MV85010A.86A D850MV (Garibaldi)
NBG4510H.86A DG43NB
NBG4510H.86A DP43TF
NIGHTS0.86B N440BX (Nightshade)
NIGHTS0.86B NA440BX Server Platform
NIGHTS0.86B NC440BX Server Platform
NITELT0.86B T440BX Server Board
NITELT0.86B T440BX/NL440BX (Nightshade Lite)
NL94510J.86A D945GCNL
NM94510J.86A D945PLNM (Palm Canyon - "Media" series)
NT94510J.15A D945GCZ Gateway Cortez, Cortez2, Cortez3
NT94510J.86A D945GBO (Sharkey)
NT94510J.86A D945GCZ (Black Canyon 2)
NT94510J.86A D945GNT (Culver City 2)
NT94510J.86A D945GPM (Hells Canyon - "Media" series)
NT94510J.86A D945GTP
OM91510J.86A D915GOM (Avalon)
OM91510J.86A D915POM (Battle Lake)
OR840600.86A OR840 (Outrigger)
OR840600.86E OR840
OR840700.86E OR840 Gateway Hawaii
PB94510J.15A D945GBI Gateway Big Lake
PB94510J.15A D945GPB Gateway Putton Bay
PE94510M.86A D945GCPE
PR94510J.86A D945PPR (? - "Classic" series )
PRG3110H.86A DG31PR
PT84510A.15A D845PT Gateway El Paso 2
PT84510A.86A D845BG (Englewood)
PT84510A.86A D845PT (Cannonville )
PT84510A.86A VPR Matrix 1600, 1620, 1800, 1820, 2000, 2020, 2250
PT84520A.86A D845EBG2 (Lockport)
PT84520A.86A D845EPT2 (Billings-2)
RC86510A.86A D848PMB (Silver Reef )
RC86510A.86A D865PCD (Hazelton)
RC86510A.86A D865PCK (Rapid City)
RC86510A.86A D865PERC (La Crosse)
RC86510A.86A D865PESO (Sandy Canal - "Essential" series)
REDWD0.86A R440LX (Redwood )
REDWD0.86B R440LX Server Board
REDWD0.86B RC440LX Server Platform
RG84510A.15A D845GERG Gateway Essex, Essex 2, Nimitz, Shiloh and Yorktown
RG84510A.86A D845GBV (Blue Mountain)
RG84510A.86A D845GEBV2 (Plum Island)
RG84510A.86A D845GERG2 (Pendleton-2)
RG84510A.86A D845GRG (Ashland)
RKG4310H.86A DG43RK
RKG4310H.86A DP43BF
RKG4310H.86A DP43BFL
RL86510A.86A D865PERL (Rock Harbor)
RQG4110H.86A DG41RQ
S3420.86B Server Board S3420GP
S450NX0.86B SC450NX (Sitka Cabrillo )
S5000.86B Server Board S5000PSL / Intel® Server Board S5000XSL
S5000.86B Server Board S5000VSA / Intel® Server System SR2520SA
S5000.86B Server Board S5000XVN
S5500.86B Server Board S5520UR
S7501HG0.86B SE7501HG2 (Eden Prairie)
SA86510A.86A D865GSA (Bayfield)
SABR1.86B OCPRF100 (Saber)
SABR1.86B SRPM8 MP (Harwich)
SAI20.86B SAI2
SBR20.86B SE7501BR2
SBT20.86B SBT2
SBX44.86B SBX44 (Bonham)
SCB20.86B SCB2 (Baytown)
SDS21.86B SDS2 (McCarran)
SE7210TP.86B Entry Server Board SE7210TP1-E
SE7320VP.86B Server Board SE7320VP2
SE7500CW.86B SE7500CW2 (Bartman)
SE7520AF.86B SE7520AF2 (Clearwater)
SE7520BD.86B SE7520BD2 (Bryson)
SE7520JR.86B SE7520JR2 (Harlingen)
SE7525GP.86B SE7320SP2 (Dodson)
SE7525GP.86B SE7525GP2 (Westville 2)
SE7525GP.86B Server Board SE7320SP2
SE7525VP.86B SE7320VP2 (Torrey Pines)
SE91510J.15A D915GSN Gateway South Lake, South Lake2, South Lake 3
SE91510J.15A D915GUX Gateway Luxemburg
SE91510J.86A D915GSN (Hammonton)
SGP4510H.86A DP45SG
SHG20.86B SHG2 (Alief )
SKA40.86B ISP4400 Internet Server Platform
SKA40.86B SPKA4 (Baker Boy )
SN94510J.86A D945PAW
SN94510J.86A D945PAW (Cortez- "Executive"/"Media"/"Classic" series)
SN94510J.86A D945PLM (Sorrento - "Executive"/"Media"/"Classic" series)
SN94510J.86A D945PLRN
SN94510J.86A D945PSN (Tappen- "Executive"/"Media"/"Classic" series)
SN94510J.86A D945PVS
SOX5810J.86A DX58SO
SOX5820J.86A DX58OG
SOX5820J.86A DX58SO2
SR84510A.46T D845GVSR Gateway Sea Breeze T3 and Nimitz 2
SR84510A.46T Gateway Seabreeze T3/eMachines 2210 2220 2230 2240 3210 3220 3250 3260 4250 4260, T2742 T2796 T2798 T2824 T2862 T2885 T2890 T2893 T2894 T2896 T2898 T2958 T2984 T3624 T3828 T3830 T3958 D2823 D2880 H2824 H2862 H3624 H3824 H3958 W2888
SR84510B.44T Gateway Seabreeze /eMachines UK 2210 2220 2230 2240 3210 3220 3250 3260 4250 4260, US T2742 T2796 T2798 T2824 T2862 T2885 T2890 T2893 T2894 T2896 T2898 T2958 T2984 T3624 T3828 T3830 T3958 D2823 D2880 H2824 H2862 H3624 H3824 H3958 W2888
SR84511A.15A D845?? Gateway Thrasher
SSH40.86B SPSH4 (Brandon)
SSH40.86B SRSH4 (Bar Harbor/Tiger 2)
STL20.86B STL2 (Bandera/Tiger 4)
SU81010A.15A SU810 Gateway Lanai
SU81010A.86A SU810 (Sumatra)
SU94510J.86A D945GSU (Coryville - "Essential" series)
SV84510A.86A D845PECE (Sea Breeze)
SV84510A.86A D845PESV (Blue Mountain-2)
SWQ6710H.86A DQ67EP
SWQ6710H.86A DQ67OW
SWQ6710H.86A DQ67SW
SWV20.86B SE7500WV2 (Buckner/Copper River)
SWV20.86B SE7501WV2 (Sun Prairie)
SWV20.86B TIGPR2U (Koa server)
TR440BXA.86B ISP1100 Internet Server Platform
TS94610J.86A D946GZIS (Nine Mile - "Essential" series)
TS94610J.86A D946GZTS (Radio Springs - "Essential" series)
TXG4110H.86A DG41TX
TYG4110H.86A DG41TY
VA84510A.10A Dell OptiPlex 160L D845GLVAL
VA84510A.86A D845EPI (Billings)
VA84510A.86A D845GLVA (Rexburg-2)
VA84510A.86A D845GVSR (Rexburg)
VC82010A.10A Dell Dimension XPS B series VC820/D820LP
VC82010A.86A D820LP
VC82010A.86A VC820 (Vancouver)
VG91510A.86A D915GLVG (Downey)
VG91510A.86A D915PLWD (West Branch)
WB91X10J.86A D910GLDW (Stoneville)
WB91X10J.86A D915GVWB (Marblehead)
WD84510A.86B Server Board S845WD1-E
WL81020A.15A WL810E Gateway Bryant
WL81020A.86A WL810E (Willow Springs-2 OEM-only board)
WP87510A.86B S875WP1-E
WT97510J.15A D975XWT2 Gateway Watsonville2
WVG4110H.86A DG41WV
XS54010J.86A D5400XS
YA810E10.86A YA810E (Yampai OEM-only board)

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