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Identify your Intel (OEM) AMI BIOS based motherboard

To update the BIOS of your Intel system, that is using an AMI BIOS, you'll first need to identify the motherboard used.

The general layout of the BIOS identification string is 1.00.xx.XYaz where:

  • xx: BIOS revision
  • XY: motherboard model
  • a: product level (0 / 1 / 2 /3)
  • z: OEM manufacturer that uses this Intel motherboard (optional)

Intel AMI BIOS OEMs list

As noted above the last letter ('z') of the Intel AMI BIOS id identifies the OEM for which Intel manufactured the motherboard. This part is optional; if it's not present, it means you have an original Intel motherboard not modified by an OEM. Based on whether you have an OEM version or not of an Intel motherboard, you may have to find your BIOS upgrade on the site of your OEM or on Intel's own site.

The following is a list of all OEM ids used in the Intel AMI BIOS IDs.


Intel OEM code OEM Manufacturer
1 Gateway 2000 (old code)
4 Sony
5 Micron
6 Research Machines plc
8 Toshiba
B AT&T Globalyst Solutions (now NCR)
C Techram (for Toshiba)
H Vobis
I AST/Samsung
J Dell
K Nec / Packard Bell
P Ambra/IBM and Compaq
Q AST/Samsung
R Packard Bell / NEC
T Gateway 2000
U Zenith
V Research Machines plc
Z Intel Plato (old code) / NEC

Intel AMI BIOS IDs list

The following is a list of all the Intel AMI BIOS IDs we have in our database. It should help you to find the correct BIOS Update.

Intel AMI BIOS IDs list

Intel AMI BIOS ID Intel motherboard model name
1.00.xx.AB0 Classic E-Series
1.00.xx.AC0 Classic R/R-Plus (Monsoon)
1.00.xx.AF1T Gateway OEM version of Intel Batman
1.00.xx.AF1 Premiere/PCI Expandable Desktop (Batman)
1.00.xx.AF2 Premiere/PCI ED (Batmans Revenge)
1.00.xx.AF2T Gateway OEM version of Intel Batmans Revenge
1.00.01.AF2V ?
1.00.xx.AK0 Xpress Servers: Deskside Xpress LX (Cortez)
1.00.xx.AM0 Xpress Servers: Xpress LM
1.00.xx.AQ0 Classic/PCI Expandable Desktop (Alfredo)
1.00.xx.AU0B Globalyst 590 (NCR 3346)
1.00.xx.AU0Q Premmia LX Robin Hood Premiere/PCI Low Profile (Robin)
1.00.xx.AU0R Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Premiere/PCI Low Profile (PB520)
1.00.xx.AU0 Premiere/PCI Low Profile (Robin)
1.00.xx.AX1J Dell Dimension P75/P90/P100 MT and XPS P75/P90/P100 MDT series -> Premiere/PCI II
1.00.xx.AX1V RM Cadstation D-590
1.00.xx.AX1 Premiere/PCI II Exp. Desktop (Plato)
1.00.xx.AX1T Gateway OEM version of Intel Plato
1.00.xx.AY0 Classic/PCI ED (Ninja)
1.00.xx.AZ0 Classic/PCI LP (Entrada)
1.00.xx.BB0U Zenith Z-Station EX
1.00.xx.BB0 Premiere/PCI LX Low Profile (Socrates or Robin LX)
1.00.xx.BB0R Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Robin LX/Socrates (PB540/550/560) in LG 401 CD among others
1.00.xx.BC0U Zenith Z-SELECT PT (w/CL-GD543x onboard)
1.00.xx.BC0K Nec OEM version of Intel Premiere/PCI LC Low Profile
1.00.xx.BC0 Premiere/PCI LC Low Profile (Robin LC)
1.00.xx.BC0R Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Robin LC (PB520r) PB 527R w/ Cirrus Video Card on board
1.00.xx.BF0B AT&T model 1006 class and Globalyst 600 (NCR 3356)
1.00.xx.BF0 Premiere/PCI GX Low Profile
1.00.xx.BF0U Zenith Z-Station II EX
1.00.xx.BG0 XXpress Server 15" (Extended Xpress or Medusa)
1.00.xx.BH0 XXpress Server 12" (Extended Xpress or Medusa)
1.00.xx.BI0 ALTServer/CS (Altair)
1.00.xx.BL0 Premiere /ATLX (Hendrixx)
1.00.xx.BP0 Mercury
1.00.xx.BR0T Gateway OEM version of Intel Zappa E/Tahiti
1.00.xx.BR0 Advanced/ZE (Zappa E or Tahiti)
1.00.xx.BS0T Gateway OEM version of Intel Zappa
1.00.xx.BS0H Vobis OEM version of Intel Zappa
1.00.xx.BS0 Advanced/ZP (Zappa)
1.00.xx.BT0Q Advantage! 8100P Advanced/MN (Morrisson AST)
1.00.xx.BT0 Advanced/MN (Morrison32)
1.00.xx.BT0L HP Pavilion 5030/5040/7010/7020/7030/7050/7055 Morrison
1.00.xx.BT0U Zenith Z-Station GT, 75/90MHz models ONLY (S3 Trio 32 onboard)
1.00.xx.BU0Q Advantage! 6xx/8xx, Bravo MS/MS-T 501894, 501895, 501920, 501921, 501922, 501980, and 501981 Advanced/MA (Monaco AST)
1.00.xx.BU0 Advanced/MA (Monaco)
1.00.xx.BX0J Dell Dimension XPS PxxxC MDT and Dimension XPS PxxxC MT series -> Advanced/CM
1.00.xx.BX0 Advanced/CM (Comanche)
1.00.xx.BY0R Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Hillary (PB570/580/590/620/630/650) in LG 74CDT SUP among others
1.00.xx.BY0 Advanced/HL (Hillary) (OEM-only for Packard Bell/NEC)
1.00.xx.CA0U Zenith Z-Station GT, 120MHz model only (S3 Trio 64 onboard)
1.00.xx.CA0K NEC Ready 95xx (OEM version of Intel Morrison (Morrison64))
1.00.xx.CA0C Toshiba PV3000 series
1.00.xx.CA0 Advanced/AL (Alladin)
1.00.xx.CA2L HP Pavilion 7070/7090/7160/5120/7110Z/7125/7130P/7145/7170 Holly
1.00.xx.CA2 Advanced/MN S64 (Holly)
1.00.xx.CA3 Advanced/MN (Morrison64)
1.00.xx.CA3C Toshiba Brezza series
1.00.xx.CB0 Advanced/EV (Endeavour)
1.00.xx.CB0H Vobis OEM version of Intel Endeavour
1.00.01.CB06 RM 166 (B43)
0.09.04.CC0M IBM PC 350 6576/6586 series Advanced/MN (Morrison64 / IBM calls it Blitzen)
0.xx.xx.CC0 Advanced/MN (Morrison64/Blitzen)
1.00.xx.CD0 AP450GX (Alder)
1.00.xx.CG0K NEC PowerMate PRO150 (Aurora)
1.00.xx.CG0Q Bravo MS-T 6150 501824, 501908, and 503030 Advanced/AU (Denali)
1.00.xx.CG0 Performance/AU (Aurora)
1.00.xx.CG0U Zenith Z-STATION GT PRO (Aurora)
1.00.xx.CG0P Compaq 6180e (Aurora)
1.00.xx.CG0T Gateway OEM version of Intel Aurora
1.00.xx.CH0 Advanced/MN LPX/S (Talladega) aka. MorrisonMC (Toshiba)
1.00.xx.CH0L HP Pavilion 5032/5035/5045/5115/5215/5235/5250/5315/5315D/7042/7120/7122/7130P/7150P/7165/7222/7260P/7265/7310 Talladega
1.00.xx.CJ0 ??? (Pocono) used by Advent and Viglen
1.00.xx.CL0 Advanced/AS (Atlantis)
1.00.xx.CN0 Advanced/ATX (Thor)
1.00.xx.CN0T Gateway OEM version of Intel Thor
1.00.xx.CP0 ??? (Thousand Oaks)
1.00.xx.CP0R Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Thousand Oaks (PB640)
1.00.xx.CP1R Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Fair Oaks (PB660)
1.00.xx.CP1 ??? (Fair Oaks)
1.00.xx.CQ0J Dell Dimension PxxxT MT and Dimension PxxxT MT series -> Advanced/EV with S3 Trio64 onboard video, no onboard audio
1.00.xx.CQ0K NEC Powermate Stimpy
1.00.xx.CQ0 Advanced/EV (Endeavour) reference
1.00.xx.CQ0Z NEC Ready Maestro Premium (Advanced/EV with different onboard video) / Ready 9542
1.00.xx.CS1Q Bravo MS-T 6180/6200 503057, 503058, 503125, 503144, and 503145 VS440FX (Samantha AST)
1.00.xx.CS1H Vobis OEM version of Intel Venus
1.00.xx.CS1 VS440FX (Venus)
1.00.xx.CS1J Dell Dimension XPS Pro xxxn MT and Dimension XPS Pro xxxn MDT series -> VS440FX
1.00.xx.CS1T Gateway OEM version of Intel Venus
1.00.xx.CS15 MBD001056/MBD001075 Millennia® Pro 1/ClientPro® XVI (Venus P6/VS440FX)
1.00.xx.CT1 AP440FX (Apollo)
1.00.xx.CT18 Toshiba Equium 6200 AP440FX
1.00.09.CV2 Zenith Z-Station GT 500 Advanced/RH
1.00.xx.CV2 Advanced/RH (Rhinestone)
1.00.xx.CW0 Advanced/RU (now RU430HX) (Ruby) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.CW0Q Advantage! 7XXX/9XXX Advanced/RU
1.00.xx.CY0J Dell Dimension XPS PxxxS and MxxxS series -> TE430VX
1.00.xx.CY0 TE430VX (Tiger Eye) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.CY1T Gateway OEM version of Intel Tiger Eye
1.00.xx.CY1 TE430VX (Tiger Eye) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.DA0 BB440FX (Buckeye Balboa)
1.00.01.DB06 ?
1.00.xx.DB0 Advanced/ML (Marl)
1.00.xx.DB05 MBD001052 Home MPC® Series (Marl P5/Advanced/ML)
1.00.xx.DC0L HP Pavilion 7020/7270/7275Z/7280P/7285/7295V Ruby
1.00.xx.DC0 Advanced/RU (Ruby) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.DD0 AG430HX (Agate) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.DD04 Sony VAIO PCs PCV-70, PCV-90, PCV-100, PCV-120 OEM version of Intel Agate
1.00.xx.DE0 NP430HX (Newport)
1.00.xx.DF0J Dell Dimension XPS PxxxV series
1.00.xx.DH0 TC430HX (Tucson)
1.00.xx.DH05 MBD001078 Millennia® LXA/ClientPro® MTA (Tucson P5/TC430HX)
1.00.xx.DH08 Toshiba Infinia 7130, 7160, 7161, 7200, 7201 series TC430HX
1.00.xx.DI0T Gateway OEM version of Intel Providence
1.00.xx.DI0 PR440FX (Providence)
1.00.xx.DI0R Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Providence
1.00.xx.DK0 CU430HX (Cumberland) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.DK08 Toshiba Equium 5160, 5200, 5230 CU430HX
1.00.xx.DK0Z NEC Ready ??? (OEM version of Intel CU430HX)
1.00.xx.DL0L HP Pavilion 7070/7320/7350P/7360/7370V/7420 Ruby
1.00.xx.DL0Q Advantage! 93xx USB RU430HX
1.00.xx.DL0 Advanced/RU (Ruby) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.DM0 RC440FX (Rosewood Columbus)
1.00.xx.DN0 NV430VX (Orlando or Tampa)
1.00.xx.DN0R Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Orlando (PB68x) NEC Ready 9722 9725 9732 9734A 9735 9736 9820
1.00.xx.DQ0T Gateway 2000 (Mailman, Mailman II (no CELP) or Hitman) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.DQ0 MA430TX (Mailman)
1.00.xx.DT04 Sony VAIO PCV-T700MR PD440FX
1.00.xx.DT0R Packard Bell OEM version of Intel Portland (PB760) NEC Ready 9761 9763 9765 9769 9770 9775
1.00.xx.DT0L HP Pavilion 8175/8176/8180 Portland
1.00.xx.DT08 Toshiba Infinia 7260, Equium 6260M PD440FX
1.00.xx.DT05 MBD001084 Millennia® XRU (Portland/PD440FX)
1.00.xx.DT0 PD440FX (Portland)
1.00.xx.DT0J Dell Dimension XPS H Series -> PD440FX
1.00.xx.DU0I Bravo LC 6233 DB440FX
1.00.xx.DU08 Toshiba Equium 6230 DB440FX
1.00.xx.DU0 DB440FX (Dublin) OEM-only board
1.00.xx.DV0 TriGem Amazon II and Amazon III
1.00.xx.DY0J Dell Dimension XPS PxxxA series
1.00.xx.DZ0 BN440FX (Boston)
1.00.xx.DZ0P Compaq Presario 4824
1.00.xx.R0 Xpress Servers Desktop Xpress
1.00.xx.S0 Professional Workstation (Panther)
1.00.xx.V0 Xpress Servers Deskside Xpress
1.00.xx.W0 Classic S-Series
1.00.xx.Y3 Professional/GX (Corsair)
1.00.xx.YM1 YM430TX

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