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Acer motherboards BIOS Identification

To update the BIOS of your Acer system, you'll first need to identify the motherboard used. Identifying an Acer motherboard can be done via the Acer BIOS ID string that appears during bootup.

To know what to look for here is an example:


Let's first take a look at ACR6BE00

  • First 3 characters: ACR, FUJ or IBM: the OEM
  • 6B: the mainboard identification
  • E00: not really known

Between the first dash and the second dash you can find the chipset code. (M00). This is then followed by a 6-digit date code (yymmdd). The last part (R02-CO) identifies the BIOS version or mainboard revision level

Acer motherboards list

As noted above the two characters after ACR/FUJ identify the Acer motherboard. The following is a list of all the ids and their corresponding motherboard models.

Acer motherboards list

Acer ID Motherboard model
01 ALI 1511
02 V50
03 V60
04 ALI03
05 X1B or X3
06 U5002
07 M7 or M11
07 M11
08 M9
09 X2
0A V25
0B ALi 04
0C V50LA
0D U5000
0E P4
0F V51L
11 M1A
12 M7
14 U5009
15 V50S
16 350P
17 970
18 U5008
19 V55-2 / V55L / V55LA / V55LC
1A M3A
1B V35
1C V50LC
1E M9A
20 V60LA
21 370
22 V50LA-N / V50LA-VT
23 V55LAU
24 M9B
25 V55LA
27 V35LA
28 K10
29 V60N
2F M11A
30 V56LA
31 M11B
32 PID
33 V58LA
35 V35N
36 K12
37 V36LA
38 V38S
39 EIO
3A R2000
3C M1B
3E V60X
3F B1E
40 370P
41 V62X
42 M9C
43 V56LA(JAWS)
44 NTV
45 M11C
46 M9N
47 V38
48 970++
4A V56LT
4B V55LA-2 / V55LA-2M
4C T1
4D V62X
4E B6
4F SUB-1000
50 V62LA
51 K20
52 V58X
53 V38LA
54 V62LAN
55 M3B
56 NLX
57 Bronco
58 390
59 V38X
5A X3
5C Web-TV
5D V58XA
5E M15
5F 355
60 V58L
61 HMS2
62 V65X / V65X2
63 V58
64 M9L
65 V39LA
66 M17A
67 V65LA
6A V59LA
6B A1G4
6D V20
72 M19A Acer Altos 1100
78 M9LD Acer Altos 9100B
7B V70MA
7D M11E Acer Altos 330/Acer Power 8000
80 V66XA
83 65M3 / V65 / V65MA
86 V66
88 66LT
89 M5
8E V66M / V66M-2 Acer Aspire 6100
93 V80M
95 V72A
96 G Travelmate 33xT
99 A1GX / A1GX-2
9A V30 / V30-2
9C V12LC / V12LC-2X
9F V66M
A4 V68X
A7 ?
A8 ?
C4 S57M
D7 S511P

Acer chipsets list

As noted above the second part of the Acer BIOS ID identifies the chipset used. The following is a list of all the ids and their corresponding chipsets.

Acer chipsets list

Acer ID Motherboard chipset
I03 Intel ?
I05 Intel ?
I06 Intel
I07 Intel ?
I08 Intel ?
I0A Intel ?
I0B Intel ?
I0C Intel 440BX
I0D Intel ?
I0F Intel ?
I11 Intel i820
I18 Intel i815
I19 Intel i815
M00 ALi ?
M01 ALi ?
M03 ALi ?
M06 ALi ?
M07 ALi 1511
M08 ALi ?
M09 ALi ?
M0A ALi ?
M0B ALi ?
M0C ALi M1511, ALi M1512, ALi M1513
M0D ATi ?
M0E ATi ?
M0F ATi ?
M10 ATi ?
M11 ALi Aladdin III
M12 ATi ?
M13 ATi ?
M14 ALi Aladdin IV+
M15 ALi Aladdin V
M16 ALi ?
M17 ALi M1621
P01 Opti ?
P02 Opti ?
R01 ?
S00 SiS ?
S01 SiS ?
S02 SiS 530
S03 SiS 620
S05 SiS 630/630E
S08 SiS 630

Acer BIOS IDs list

The following is a list of all the Acer BIOS ids to easily identify your motherboard model.

Acer BIOS IDs list

Acer ID Motherboard model
ACR1AE00-I07-971126-R02-B0 Acer M3A
ACR1BE00-I07-961001-R01-E1 Acer V35
ACR29E00-I08-970610-R01-E5 Acer V60N
ACR41E00-I08-970904-R01-C0 Acer V62X
ACR62000-I0B-980812-R02-B4 Acer V65X
ACR62000-I0B-980417-R02-B1 Acer V65X / V65X2
ACR63000-M12-980421-R01-G0 Acer V58
ACR67000-I0B-980717-R01-D4 Acer V65LA
ACR67000-I0B-981116-R01-E0 Acer V65LA
FUJ6A000-M14-981029-R01-F1 Fujitsu V59LA
ACR6BE00-M00-941005-R02-F0 Acer A1G+ or A1GX-1
ACR6BE00-M00-940825-R02-C0 Acer A1G / A1GX
ACR6DE00-M00-940206-R03-G0 Acer V20
ACR72E00-I0C-990806-R01-F0 Acer M19A Acer Altos 1100
ACR78000-I0B-990810-R01-C2 Acer M9LD Acer Altos 9100B
ACR7B000-M15-980723-R01-B5 Acer
ACR7B000-M15-980723-R01-B5 Acer V70MA
ACR7D000-I0C-991012-R01-D4 Acer M11E Acer Altos 330/Acer Power 8000
ACR80000-I0C-980821-R01-C2 Acer V66XA
ACR83000-I0D-990107-R02-A3 Acer V65
ACR83000-I0D-000610-R03-A0 Acer 65M3 / V65MA
ACR86000-I0C-991020-R03-C0 Acer V66 / V66LA
ACR88000-I0C-991202-R01-D0 Acer V66LT
ACR8A000-M14-990120-R01-C4 Acer
ACR8BE00-I03-940824-R01-E2 Acer
ACR8E000-I0C-990720-R02-C3 Acer V66M-2 Acer Aspire 6100
ACR8E000-I0C-000503-R03-C4 Acer V66M
ACR93000-M17-001123-R02-F1 Acer V80M
ACR95000-M15-981216-R01-D2 Acer V72A
ACR96000-M16-990609-R01-A3 Acer G Travelmate 33xT
ACR9AE00-I05-950822-R01-N5 Acer V12LC
ACR9CE00-M01-950904-R04-C7 Acer V12LC
ACR9CE00-M01-950726-R04-B0 Acer V12LC
ACR9CE00-M01-980217-R04-E8 Acer V12LC
ACR9CE00-M01-950310-R02-E0 Acer V12LC
ACR9CE00-M01-951004-R04-B0 Acer V12LC
FUJ9CE00-M01-950724-R03-A1 Fujitsu V12LC
ACR9CE00-M01-980217-R04-E8 Acer V12LC / V12LC-2X
ACR9F000-I0F-990125-R01-B3 Acer V66M
ACR9F000-I0F-990125-R01-A2 Acer V66MA
ACRA4100-I11-991125-R01-D4 Acer V68X
ACRA4100-I11-991125-R01-D4 Acer V68X
ACRA7000-S02-000524-R02-C0 Acer V75M
ACRA8000-S03-000802-R04-B4 Acer V76M-2
ACRA8000-S03-990610-R03-B1 Acer V76
ACRAD000-I0C-000114-R01-B1 Acer V66LT4
ACRAD000-I0C-990930-R01-A4 Acer V66LT3
IBMAF000-I0F-000303-R05-R0 IBM V66MA ?
ACRC4100-S05-010411-R03-C2 Acer S57M
ACRC4100-S08-020529-R07-E3 Acer S57M-2
ACRCF100-I18-010703-R01-F2 Acer S58M
ACRCF100-I18-010118-R03-E4 Acer S58M Aspire 6600
ACRD7100-I19-010621-R01-J0 Acer S511P

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