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ABIT is a Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer which was founded in 1989.

In the nineties Abit was one of the first manufacturers to introduce jumper-free motherboards. Jumper-free motherboards allowed changing CPU and RAM speeds from within the BIOS. (via their Softmenu feature).

They were also one of the first to officially promote the overclocking capabilities of their motherboards to end-users. The BX133 motherboard featured the immensily popular Intel BX chipset and overclocked the Front-Side-Bus from 100Mhz to 133Mhz.

In 2005, Abit was in financial problems and was bought by USI which changed the name into Universal Abit.

  1. You can identify your Abit motherboard using the BIOS ID which is displayed on most computers at bootup. Per BIOS vendor (AMI, Award, Phoenix, ...) we have a seperate tab of motherboard BIOS Identifications.
  2. In the Website Links section we provide official and unofficial links to find free Abit BIOS upgrades

Click on the More info arrow for more info about the Abit bios update.

Abit BIOS Updates

Manufacturer - Model Chipset BIOS ID Full BIOS ID More info
Abit SI-1N42 Intel 845 6A69VAT5 10/20/2004-I845GV-W83627-6A69VA16C-15 More info BIOS
Abit SI-1Na Intel 845 6A69VAT6 12/02/2002-I845G-W83627-6A69VA1UC-BG More info BIOS
Abit SI-1Ns Intel 845 6A69VAT7 08/13/2003-I845G-W83627-6A69VA1PC-11 More info BIOS
Abit SI-1Ns40 Intel 845 6A69VAT5 10/20/2004-I845GV-W83627-6A69VA16C-15 More info BIOS
Abit SI-1Ns42 Intel 845 6A69VAT5 10/20/2004-I845GV-W83627-6A69VA16C-15 More info BIOS
Abit SI-1Ns60 Intel 845 6A69VAT5 10/20/2004-I845GV-W83627-6A69VA16C-15 More info BIOS
Abit SI-2Ns441 Intel E7520 Lindenhurst 6A79CA11 01/05/2005-E7320-W83627H-6A79CA19C-14 More info BIOS
Abit SI-2Ns443 Intel E7520 Lindenhurst 6A79CA11 01/05/2005-E7320-W83627H-6A79CA19C-14 More info BIOS
Abit SI-2P Intel E7500 Plumas 6A69WA11 05/21/2002-E7500-6A69WA19C-7A More info BIOS
Abit SI-2P+ Intel E7500 Plumas 6A69WA12 07/27/2004-E7501-6A69WA1FC-12 More info BIOS
Abit SI-2Pa Intel E7500 Plumas 6A69WA13 06/16/2003-E7501-6A69WA1EC-11 More info BIOS
Abit SI-2PS Intel E7500 Plumas 6A69WA14 01/06/2005-E7501-6A69WA1IC-14 More info BIOS
Abit SL30 6A69RA1Z 04/02/2002-I815E-W83627H-6A69RA1UC-8D More info BIOS
Abit SL30T 6A69RA1Z 04/02/2002-I815E-W83627H-6A69RA1UC-8D More info BIOS
Abit SL6 Intel 815 6A69RA17 11/30/2000-I815-W83627HF-6A69RA1BC-WN More info BIOS
Abit SR7-8X SiS 645 AM6IXA11 62-0620-001247-00101111-040201-SIS648-1SAA0-BQ More info BIOS
Abit ST6 6A69RA18 07/03/2002-I815EP-W83627-6A69RA1RC More info BIOS
Abit ST6 RAID 6A69RA18 07/03/2002-I815EP-W83627-6A69RA1RC More info BIOS
Abit ST6E 6A69RA11 07/03/2002-i815E-W83627H-6A69RA1EC-9Q More info BIOS
Abit ST6E-RAID 6A69RA11 07/03/2002-i815E-W83627H-6A69RA1EC-9Q More info BIOS
Abit SU-2S ALI 1687+1563 6A7K0A11 01/10/2005-8131-M1563D-6A7K0A19C-11 More info BIOS
Abit SU-2S ALI 1687+1563 6A7K0A12 01/20/2005-8131-M1563D-6A7K0A19C-00 More info BIOS
Abit SV-1A VIA K8M800 6A7L1A1A 12/27/2004-K8T800P-8237-6A7L1A1AC-14 More info BIOS
Abit SV-1A VIA K8M800 6A7L1A14 12/27/2004-K8T800P-8237-6A7L1A1AC-14 More info BIOS
Abit TF7025-M2 (TFource 7025-M2) GeForce 7025/630a 6A61MB01 04/30/2007-NF-MCP68-6A61MB01C-00 More info BIOS
Abit TF7050-M2 GeForce 7050PV/630a 6A61MB02 04/17/2007-NF-MCP68-6A61MB01C-00 More info BIOS
Abit TH7 Intel 850 6A69SA11 04/14/2003-i850-W83627HF-6A69SA19C-DV More info BIOS
Abit TH7 Intel 850 6A69SA19 10/15/2001-I850-W83627HF-6A69SA19C-36 More info BIOS
Abit TH7 RAID Intel 850 6A69SA19 10/15/2001-I850-W83627HF-6A69SA19C-36 More info BIOS
Abit TH7 RAID Intel 850 6A69SA11 04/14/2003-i850-W83627HF-6A69SA19C-DV More info BIOS
Abit TH7 RAIDII Intel 850 6A69SA12 04/19/2002-I850-W83627HF-6A69SA1BC-7C More info BIOS
Abit TH7 RAIDII Intel 850/860 Tehama 6A69SA1B 6A69SA1BC-00 More info BIOS
Abit TH7II Intel 850 6A69SA12 04/19/2002-I850-W83627HF-6A69SA1BC-7C More info BIOS
Abit TH7II Intel 850/860 Tehama 6A69SA1B 6A69SA1BC-00 More info BIOS
Abit TS20 Intel 815 Solano 6A69RA1P 06/15/2001-I815E-W83627H-6A69RA1PC-3L More info BIOS
Abit TS20 Intel 815 Solano 6A69RA1Y 06/15/2001-I815E-W83627H-6A69RA1PC-3L More info BIOS
Abit TX5 I430TX 2A59IA12 12/03/1998-I430TX-W83977-2A59IA1FC-GN More info BIOS
Abit UL8 ALI 1689 6A7K4A11 06/27/2005-M1689-W83627-6A7K4A1AC-10 More info BIOS
Abit VA-10 VIA KT400 + VT8235 6A6LYA15 08/18/2004-KM400-8235-6A6LYA1BC-18 More info BIOS
Abit VA-11 VIA KT400 + VT8235 6A6LYA15 08/18/2004-KM400-8235-6A6LYA1BC-18 More info BIOS
Abit VA6 VIA Apollo Pro Plus (692/ 2A6LGA11 01/22/2002-693A-686A-2A6LGA1BC-UU More info BIOS
Abit VH6 II VIA 694X/686A 6A6LJA13 02/08/2002-694X-686A-6A6LJA1FC-7F More info BIOS
Abit VH6 V1.0 VIA 694X/686A 6A6LJA12 01/31/2002-694X-686A-6A6LJA1DC-7J More info BIOS
Abit VH6 V1.1 VIA 694X/686A 6A6LJA13 02/08/2002-694X-686A-6A6LJA1FC-7F More info BIOS
Abit VH6T VIA 694X/686A 6A6LJA15 03/15/2002-694X-686B-6A6LJA1PC-8G More info BIOS
Abit VI7 VIA P4X400 6A6LXA11 12/25/2003-PT800-8237-6A6LXA19C-16 More info BIOS
Abit VI7 VIA P4X333/400 6A6LXA19 12/25/2003-PT800-8237-6A6LXA19C-16 More info BIOS
Abit VL6 VIA Apollo Pro Plus (692/ 6A6LGA11 08/30/2000-693A-686-6A6LGA1AC-UP More info BIOS
Abit VP6 VIA 694X/686A 6A6LJA1G 07/24/2001-694X-686B-6A6LJA1EC-UR More info BIOS
Abit VP6 VIA 694X/686A 6A6LJA14 07/24/2001-694X-686B-6A6LJA1EC-YT More info BIOS
Abit VT6X4 2A6LJA11 2A6LJA11 More info BIOS
Abit VT6X4 VIA 694X/686A 6A6LJA11 08/10/2000-694X-686A-6A6LJA19C-TG More info BIOS
Abit VT7 VIA PT880 6A7L2A11 03/09/2004-PT880-8237-6A7L2A19C-12 More info BIOS
Abit WB6 Intel Whitney 810 6A69MA11 00/00/1797-I810-W83627HF-6A69MA1DC-QZ More info BIOS
Abit WI-1P Intel 875P Canterwood 6A79BA14 09/22/2004-I875P-W83627H-6A79BA1BC-12 More info BIOS
Abit WI-2P Intel E7500 Plumas 6A69WA15 07/14/2004-E7505-6A69WA1AC-12 More info BIOS
Abit WI-2Pa Intel E7500 Plumas 6A69WA15 07/14/2004-E7505-6A69WA1AC-12 More info BIOS
Abit WX6 Intel Whitney 810 6A69MA12 09/10/1999-I810-W83627HF-6A69MA1AC-MJ More info BIOS
Abit WX6 Intel Whitney 810 6A69MA1A 09/10/1999-I810-W83627HF-6A69MA1AC-MJ More info BIOS
Abit XP Intel 845E 6A69VA1W 09/17/2002-I845E-W83627H-6A69VA1MC-C6 More info BIOS
Abit ZM6 Triton BX 2A69KA17 07/31/2000-I440ZX-W977-2A69KA1QC-SU More info BIOS
Abit for Acer Aspire E650 Intel 945G 6A79HE16 05/18/2006-945G-ICH7-6A79HE1BC-00 More info BIOS
Abit for Alienware AV8 - Need Board 6A7L1A1E 12/13/2004-K8T800P-8237-6A7L1A1EC More info BIOS

The below BIOSes are patched / modded to fix the 32GB or 64GB bug that is present in older Award BIOS Based BIOSes.

The 32GB bug in Award BIOS prevents many users from using HDD larger than 32GB as the BIOS hangs at detection. The 64GB bug manifests itself as a hang at the configuration table.

Click on the Download arrow to download the requested Abit bios update.

Abit Large HDD Support BIOS Updates

Manufacturer - Model BIOS ID OEM ID Max HDD size
Abit AH6 06/27/1999-i440LX-ALi513-2A69JA1CC-KQ GREEN AGP/PCI/ISA SYSTEM patched for 128GB HDD Abit AH6 128GB Download BIOS
Abit AN6 03/25/98-i440FX-ALi5113-2A69HA1DC-AH GREEN PCI/ISA SYSTEM 128GB Download BIOS
Abit AX5 / PX5 11/13/1998-i430TX-W83977-2A59IA1BC-GP GREEN PCI/ISA SYSTEM (Abit AX5/PX5) with bp patch 128GB Download BIOS
Abit BX20 08/03/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1BC-LV GREEN AGP/PCI/ISA SYSTEM 128GB Download BIOS
Abit IT5H 01/21/98-i430HX-ALi5123-2A59FA1EC-CS IT5H -CS BIOS with patch for HDD to 128GB 128GB Download BIOS
Abit LX6 12/21/1999-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JA1AC-00 (lx6c_pz.b00) EVALUATION ROM - NOT FOR SALE 128GB Download BIOS
Abit PR5 01/21/98-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1AC-CN ABIT-PR5 PCI/ISA SYSTEM WITH 128GB HDD PATCH 128GB Download BIOS

Award BIOS IDs are used to identify motherboards with an Award BIOS. For more information visit our Award BIOS ID information page.

At this moment we have 534 Award BIOS IDs listed for Abit. Contact us if you have new IDs missing from the list :-)

Abit Award BIOS Identification

Award BIOS ID Motherboard manufacturer, model, PCB revision
2A4H2A11 Abit
2A4IBA10 Abit P14T
2A4KDA12C-6A Abit PB4
2A4KDA12C-B8 Abit PB4
2A4KDA1BC-6A Abit PB4
2A4KDA12C-D2 Abit PB4
2A4KDA12C-C5 Abit PB4
2A4KDA12C-5E Abit PB4
2A4KDA12C-7A Abit PB4
04/18/96-i430FX-2A59CA1DC-C8 Abit PT5
2A59CA1D-B2 Abit PT5 R2
2A59CA1DC-C1 Abit AB-PT5
04/18/96-i430FX-2A59CA1DC-C8 Abit PT5R2
2A59CA19C-21 Abit
2A59FA1DC-3S Abit IT5H
08/22/97-i430HX-ALi5123-2A59FA1EC-5G Abit IT5H (PCB: 1.5)
04/09/97-i430HX-2A59FA1CC-3G Abit PN5
2A59FA1CC-D3 Abit PN5
01/21/98-i430HX-2A59FA1DC-9R Abit IT5H
08/19/96-i430HX-2A59FA1CC-0J Abit PN5
08/22/97-i430HX-2A59FA1DC-5J Abit IT5H
02/25/97-i430HX-2A59FA1DC-2M Abit IT5H
11/17/97-i430HX-ALi5123-2A59FA1FC-7N Abit IT5H (PCB: 2.0)
01/21/98-i430HX-ALi5123-2A59FA1EC-CS Abit IT5H (PCB: 1.5)
11/17/97-i430HX-2A59FA1CC-7P Abit PN5
2A59FA1EC-3K Abit IT5H version 1.51
11/17/97-i430HX-ALi5123-2A59FA1EC-7M Abit IT5H (PCB: 1.5)
05/30/97-i430HX-2A59FA1CC-3T Abit PN5
2A59FA1CC-OJ Abit PN5
01/21/98-i430HX-2A59FA1DC-CR Abit IT5H
10/04/96-i430HX-2A59FA1CC-0P Abit PN5
11/17/97-i430HX-2A59FA1DC-7L Abit IT5H
03/25/97-i430HX-2A59FA1DC-2Q Abit IT5H
12/02/97-i430HX-ALi5123-2A59FA1FC-8T Abit IT5H (PCB: 2.0)
09/03/97-i430HX-ALi5123-2A59FA1FC-5R Abit IT5H (PCB: 2.0)
01/21/98-i430HX-2A59FA1CC-9U Abit PN5
2A59FA1EC-3V Abit IT5H
12/02/97-i430HX-ALi5123-2A59FA1EC-8S Abit IT5H (PCB: 1.5)
07/21/97-i430HX-2A59FA1CC-4H Abit PN5
2A59FA1CE-D3 Abit
04/11/97-i430HX-ALi5123-2A59FA1EC-00 Abit IT5H (PCB: 1.5)
12/30/96-i430HX-2A59FA1CC-1U Abit PN5
2A59FA1CC-C2 Abit PN5
12/02/97-i430HX-2A59FA1DC-8R Abit IT5H
04/10/97-i430HX-2A59FA1DC-3H Abit IT5H
01/21/98-i430HX-ALi5123-2A59FA1FC-9T Abit IT5H (PCB: 2.0)
01/21/97-i430HX-2A59FA1DC-1Z Abit IT5H
09/22/97-i430HX-ALi5123-2A59FA1FC-5Z Abit IT5H (PCB: 2.0)
07/18/96-i430HX-2A59FA1CC-F6 Abit PN5
01/21/98-i430HX-ALi5123-2A59FA1EC-9S Abit IT5H (PCB: 1.5)
08/22/97-i430HX-2A59FA1CC-5H Abit PN5
12/19/96-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1EC-1S Abit IT5V / AR5
2A59GA1FC-3Y Abit
01/21/98-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1FC-9X Abit IT5V
2A59GA1EC-2L Abit SM5-A
10/22/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1FC-6Y Abit IT5V
10/22/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1AC-8G Abit PR5 / PR5R2
2A59GA1AC-E4 Abit PR5
07/22/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1AC-3X Abit PR5 / PR5R2
12/03/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1EC-8P Abit IT5V / AR5
2A59GA1AC-0M Abit PR5 R3
01/03/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1AC-1W Abit PR5 / PR5R2
08/30/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1EC-4Z Abit IT5V
08/06/96-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1DC-F9 Abit LT5
01/20/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1EC-1Y Abit IT5V / AR5
01/21/98-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1FC-CQ Abit IT5V
2A59GA1EC-2R Abit SM5-A
10/22/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1FC-8J Abit IT5V
01/21/98-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1AC-9V Abit PR5 / PR5R2
09/05/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1AC-4W Abit PR5 / PR5R2
01/21/98-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1EC-9W Abit IT5V / AR5
2A59GA1AC-0Y Abit
01/20/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1AC-1X Abit PR5 / PR5R2
10/22/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1EC-6Z Abit IT5V / AR5
03/12/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1EC-2R Abit IT5V / AR5
10/18/96-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1EC-1G Abit IT5V / AR5
2A59GA1FC-3Q Abit SM5-A
12/03/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1FC-8Q Abit IT5V
01/21/98-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1AC-CN Abit PR5 / PR5R2
2A59GA1EC-1Y Abit SM5-A
10/22/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1AC-7G Abit PR5 / PR5R2
01/21/98-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1EC-CP Abit IT5V / AR5
2A59GA1AC-D4 Abit
03/13/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1AC-2S Abit PR5 / PR5R2
10/22/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1EC-8H Abit IT5V
2A59GA1AC-00 Abit
10/04/96-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1AC-0T Abit PR5 / PR5R2
04/10/97-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1EC-3J Abit IT5V / AR5
10/13/97-i430TX-W83977-2A59IA1BC-6L Abit AX5 / PX5
06/14/97-i430TX-W83977-2A59IA1BC-3U Abit AX5 / PX5
02/26/98-i430TX-W83977-2A59IA1BC-8N Abit AX5 / PX5
2A59IA1AC Abit AX5 (version: BETA NOT FOR SALE)
07/28/97-i430TX-W83977-2A59IA1BC-4P Abit AX5 / PX5
12/03/1998-i430TX-W83977-2A59IA1FC-GN Abit TX5
05/29/98-i430TX-W83977-2A59IA1BC-EK Abit AX5 / PX5
2A59IA1FC-6K Abit TX5
03/03/1999-i430TX-W83977-2A59IA1EC-FH Abit AXX5 (Jaton OEM board)
09/04/97-i430TX-W83977-2A59IA1BC-5U Abit AX5 / PX5
04/16/97-i430TX-W83977-2A59IA1BC-3P Abit AX5 / PX5
11/13/1998-i430TX-W83977-2A59IA1BC-GP Abit AX5
2A5IAA11-40 Abit PK5
2A5IAA11-70 Abit PK5
2A5IAA13-29 Abit PK5
2A5ICA12-15 Abit PE5
2A5IDA19C-9D Abit PH5 with *** SMC37C665IR, SMC37C665GT and SMC1665IR Super I/O chipsets. ****
04/19/96-SiS-5511B-5513-2A5IDA1CC-D7 Abit PH5
2A5IDA19C-5C Abit PH5
2A5IDA19C-2F Abit PH5
2A5IDA1FC Abit
2A5IDA1EC-9B Abit PH5
04/24/96-SiS-5511-5513-2A5IDA1EC-E0 Abit PH5
2A5IDA19C-6B Abit PH5
04/24/96-SiS-5511B-5513-2A5IDA1FC-D8 Abit PH5
2A5IDA19C-4D Abit PH5
2A5IDA19 Abit PH5
04/19/96-SiS-5511-5513-2A5IDA19C-D9 Abit PH5
2A5IDA19C-7D Abit PH5
04/19/96-SiS-5511B-5513-2A5IDA1CC-D6 Abit PH5
2A5IDA19C-4F Abit PH5
2A5IDA19C-1E Abit PH5
07/19/96-SiS-5596-5513-2A5IFA19C-F7 Abit LD5
05/06/1999-SiS5597-W8387-2A5IIA1TC-KL Abit LD5
11/11/97-SiS5597-W83877-2A5IIA1DC-7W Abit LD5
07/06/98-SiS5598-W83877-2A5IIA1AC-FK Abit PD5N
01/12/98-SiS5598-W83877-2A5IIA1AC-9G Abit PD5N
06/28/1999-SiS5597-W8387-2A5IIA1TC-MK Abit LD5
03/16/98-SiS5597-W83877-2A5IIA1DC-9K Abit LD5
01/23/98-SiS5598-W83877-2A5IIA1AC-9Z Abit PD5N
02/08/1999-SiS5597-W8387-2A5IIA1TC-JS Abit LD5
04/07/98-SiS5598-W83877-2A5IIA1AC-CV Abit PD5N
10/22/97-SiS5598-W83877-2A5IIA1AC-6J Abit PD5N
08/23/96-i440FX-2A69HA1AC-0K Abit PS6
03/25/98-i440FX-ALi5113-2A69HA1DC-AH Abit AN6
04/07/97-i440FX-ALi5113-2A69HA1DC-3M Abit AN6
02/24/97-i440FX-2A69HA1CC-2N Abit PP6
08/23/96-i440FX-2A69HA1AC-0K Abit PP6
03/31/97-i440FX-2A69HA1CC-2T Abit PS6
10/22/96-i440FX-2A69HA1AC-1K Abit PS6
04/07/97-i440FX-ALi5113-2A69HA1DC-4G Abit AN6
10/22/96-i440FX-2A69HA1AC-1K Abit PP6
10/22/96-i440FX-2A69HA1CC-1L Abit PS6
04/07/97-i440FX-ALi5113-2A69HA1DC-4Q Abit AN6
10/22/96-i440FX-2A69HA1CC-1L Abit PP6
02/24/97-i440FX-2A69HA1CC-2N Abit PS6
05/06/98-i440LX-ALi5135-2A69JA1CC-AK Abit AH6
12/26/97-i440LX-ALi5135-2A69JA1DC-8W Abit AT6
07/10/1998-i440LX-ALi513-2A69JA1GC-EY Abit LM6
10/13/97-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JA1AC-6Q Abit LX6
11/03/97-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JA1AC-7Q Abit LX6
07/10/1998-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JA1AC-DY Abit LX6
12/02/1998-i440LX-ALi513-2A69JA1CC-HP Abit AH6
07/20/1998-i440LX-ALi513-2A69JA1CC-FG Abit AH6
12/03/1998-i440LX-ALi513-2A69JA1DC-HQ Abit AT6
12/24/1998-i440LX-ALi513-2A69JA1GC-HM Abit LM6
10/13/97-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JA1AC-7H Abit LX6
12/16/97-i440LX-ALi5135-2A69JA1CC-8K Abit AH6
02/04/98-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JA1AC-7T Abit LX6
06/27/1999-i440LX-ALi513-2A69JA1CC-KQ Abit AH6
09/22/1998-i440LX-ALi513-2A69JA1CC-GH Abit AH6
07/01/1999-i440LX-ALi513-2A69JA1DC-KT Abit AT6
07/17/1999-i440LX-ALi513-2A69JA1GC-MG Abit LM6
06/17/1999-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JA1AC-LY Abit LX6
01/07/98-i440LX-ALi5135-2A69JA1CC-8V Abit AH6
05/07/98-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JA1AC-DR Abit LX6
10/12/1998-i440LX-ALi513-2A69JA1CC-GV Abit AH6
11/30/1998-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JA1AC-HG Abit LX6
08/04/2000-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1LC-TZ Abit BM6
10/13/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1UC-NU Abit BE6
04/09/98-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1AC-CW Abit BX6
05/20/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1VC-LG Abit BH6 (PCB: 1.1)
07/13/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1JC-MN Abit BX6R2
03/31/98-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1BC-AL Abit BF6N
07/13/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1LC-MQ Abit BM6
01/20/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1BC-JK Abit BX20
05/17/2000-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1EC-QN Abit BH6
04/07/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1JC-KH Abit BX6R2
01/05/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1LC-HL Abit BM6
06/07/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1EC-LH Abit BH6
02/21/2000-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1AC-00 Abit BX6
01/19/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1EC-JJ Abit BH6
07/01/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1AC-LW Abit BX6
04/20/2000-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1SC-RU Abit BP6
07/05/2000-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1UC-TH Abit BE6
10/08/1998-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1EC-FU Abit BH6
10/22/1998-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1AC-GX Abit BX6
02/02/2000-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1VC-QM Abit BH6 (PCB: 1.1)
06/08/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1SC-LP Abit BP6
11/08/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1UC-PL Abit BE6
04/27/98-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1AC-DL Abit BX6
08/23/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1VC-NK Abit BH6 (PCB: 1.1)
08/24/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1JC-MW Abit BX6R2
09/18/1998-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1BC-GR Abit BF6N
12/03/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1LC-PQ Abit BM6
06/11/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1UC-LQ Abit BE6
08/03/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1BC-LV Abit BX20 / BF6N
06/28/2000-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1EC-SS Abit BH6
06/02/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1JC-KU Abit BX6R2
02/10/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1LC-JN Abit BM6
07/13/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1EC-LN Abit BH6
01/05/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1JC-HJ Abit BX6R2
03/11/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1EC-KG Abit BH6
08/11/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1UC-00 Abit BE6
07/13/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1AC-MP Abit BX6
10/22/1998-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1EC-GY Abit BH6
12/31/1998-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1AC-HV Abit BX6
06/20/2000-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1VC-SP Abit BH6 (PCB: 1.1)
11/03/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1SC-NJ Abit BP6
05/02/2000-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1UC-PV Abit BE6
07/10/1998-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1AC-EG Abit BX6
10/29/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1VC-NX Abit BH6 (PCB: 1.1)
12/06/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1JC-NW Abit BX6R2
04/07/2000-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1LC-QT Abit BM6
08/24/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1UC-MU Abit BE6
04/01/98-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1AC-AM Abit BX6
05/05/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1VC-KK Abit BH6 (PCB: 1.1)
07/01/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1JC-LU Abit BX6R2
07/01/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1LC-KV Abit BM6
01/01/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1BC-GZ Abit BX20
11/25/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1EC-NV Abit BH6
02/04/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1JC-JH Abit BX6R2
05/07/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1EC-KJ Abit BH6
11/23/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1AC-MX Abit BX6
01/07/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1EC-HN Abit BH6
02/05/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1AC-JL Abit BX6
03/29/2000-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1SC-QQ Abit BP6
06/16/2000-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1UC-QP Abit BE6
07/10/1998-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1EC-FL Abit BH6
10/06/1998-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1AC-GQ Abit BX6
11/26/1999-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1VC-PM Abit BH6 (PCB: 1.1)
04/26/2000-i440BX-W977-2A69KA1JC-QR Abit BX6R2
2A6LGA1B Abit VA6
2C4I9A12-02 Abit AH4-T (DX4 version)
2C4J6A11 Abit
2C4J6A12 Abit PW4 / PW4T
05/15/2002-nVidia-nForce-6A61AA19C-97 Abit NV7M
09/11/2002-nVidia-nForce-6A61AA1AC-BD Abit NV7-133R
05/15/2002-nVidia-nForce-6A61AA19C-97 Abit NV7m (PCB: 1.0 / 1.1)
07/09/2002-nVidia-nForce-6A61AA19C-AA Abit NV7M
09/30/2002-nVidia-nForce-6A61AA1AC-C3 Abit NV7-133R
03/07/2002-nVidia-nForce-6A61AA1AC-84 Abit NV7-133R
09/11/2002-nVidia-nForce-6A61AA19C-BE Abit NV7M
10/14/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61AA1AC-DW Abit NV7-133R
06/05/2002-nVidia-nForce-6A61AA1AC-8M Abit NV7-133R
02/08/2002-nVidia-nForce-6A61AA1AC-7H Abit NV7-133R
07/24/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1AC-21 Abit NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S
04/10/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1AC-18 Abit NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S
01/22/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1AC-15 Abit NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S
10/09/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1BC-19 Abit NF7-S 2.0
11/14/2002-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1AC-11 Abit NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S
06/25/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1BC-16 Abit NF7-S 2.0
03/27/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1BC-11 Abit NF7-S 2.0
10/13/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1AC-22 Abit NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S
05/13/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1AC-19 Abit NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S
11/11/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1DC-12 Abit AN7
02/27/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1AC-16 Abit NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S
11/21/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1BC-20 Abit NF7-S 2.0
11/29/2002-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1AC-12 Abit NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S
07/02/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1BC-17 Abit NF7-S 2.0
04/10/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1BC-12 Abit NF7-S 2.0
11/28/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1AC-23 Abit NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S
07/02/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1AC-20 Abit NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S
11/13/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1DC-13 Abit AN7
03/27/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1AC-17 Abit NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S
01/07/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1AC-13 Abit NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S
07/24/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1BC-18 Abit NF7-S 2.0
11/04/2002-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1AC-10 Abit NF7 / NF7-M / NF7-S
05/14/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1BC-14 Abit NF7-S 2.0
03/17/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BA1BC-10 Abit NF7-S 2.0
12/03/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-71 Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
08/08/2000-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-UH Abit BE6-II
01/04/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-XK Abit BX133 / BX133-RAID
01/17/2000-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-QJ Abit BE6-II
12/21/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-VI Abit BE6-II (PCB: 2.0)
06/21/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-SH Abit BF6
07/26/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-TT Abit BX133 / BX133-RAID
10/16/1999-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-NY Abit BE6-II
05/02/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-ZX Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
11/30/1999-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-PO Abit BF6
08/21/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-UJ Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
12/03/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-70 Abit BF6
04/21/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-RP Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
01/04/2001-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-VN Abit BE6-II
05/02/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-ZW Abit BX133 / BX133-RAID
05/02/2000-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-RV Abit BE6-II
01/04/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-XK Abit BE6-II (PCB: 2.0)
08/08/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-UH Abit BF6
08/08/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-UK Abit BX133 / BX133-RAID
11/09/1999-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-NZ Abit BE6-II
12/03/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-72 Abit BE6-II (PCB: 2.0)
01/17/2000-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-QJ Abit BF6
12/03/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-72 Abit BX133 / BX133-RAID
12/03/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-70 Abit BE6-II
01/03/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-VP Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
10/11/1999-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-NP Abit BF6
05/22/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-RW Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
02/08/2001-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-XU Abit BE6-II
02/08/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-XU Abit BF6
06/21/2000-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-SH Abit BE6-II
12/21/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-VI Abit BX133 / BX133-RAID
11/30/1999-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-PO Abit BE6-II
08/08/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-UK Abit BE6-II (PCB: 2.0)
05/02/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-RV Abit BF6
07/03/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-SZ Abit BX133 / BX133-RAID
10/11/1999-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-NP Abit BE6-II
02/08/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-XV Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
11/09/1999-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-NZ Abit BF6
07/03/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-SV Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
03/03/2000-i820-W83627-6A69LA19C-QG Abit CX6
04/11/2000-i820-W83627-6A69LA19C-RQ Abit CX6
6A69MA1AC Abit WX6
6A69RA1BC Abit SE6
6A69RA1HC Abit SE6
09/17/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1MC-C6 Abit IT7 / IT7E / IT7-MAX2
04/25/2003-i845GE-W83627-6A69VA1XC-DY Abit BG7E
04/24/2002-i845G-W83627-6A69VA1HC-8W Abit BD-70GL
07/11/2003-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA1RC-E7 Abit BE7 / BE7-RAID
05/31/2002-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1JC-9G Abit BL30D
11/03/2003-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA15C-11 Abit BD7-III
10/02/2002-i845GE-W83627-6A69VA1XC-BH Abit BG7E
11/06/2002-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA1RC-CG Abit BE7 / BE7-RAID
07/14/2003-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA11C-11 Abit BH71
08/01/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1MC-A4 Abit IT7 / IT7E / IT7-MAX2
11/28/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1LC-CQ Abit BD7-II / BD7-II RAID
07/12/2002-845GL-W83627F-6A69VA1QC-9S Abit BG71
05/28/2003-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA13C-14 Abit BH7 / BH7-E
11/28/2001-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1EC-6K Abit BD7M
04/25/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1MC-8H Abit IT7 / IT7E
07/02/2002-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1AC-A3 Abit BL7 / BL7-RAID / BW7 / BW7-RAID
07/23/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1LC-AJ Abit BD7-II / BD7-II RAID
03/27/2003-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA1SC-DF Abit IT7-MAX2 2.0
11/14/2002-i845G-W83627H-6A69VA1NC-CB Abit BG7
02/21/2003-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA13C-11 Abit BH7
09/11/2002-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1DC-BJ Abit BD7 / BD7-RAID
04/19/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1LC-8J Abit BD7-II / BD7-II RAID
11/06/2002-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA1SC-CF Abit IT7-MAX2 2.0
08/09/2002-i845G-W83627H-6A69VA1NC-AH Abit BG7
12/03/2001-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1DC-6H Abit BD7 / BD7-RAID
11/06/2001-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1AC-5K Abit BL7 / BL7-RAID / BW7 / BW7-RAID
11/28/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1MC-CP Abit IT7 / IT7E / IT7-MAX2
10/14/2003-i845GE-W83627-6A69VA1XC-EE Abit BG7E
04/22/2003-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA14C-10 Abit BD7-E
12/17/2002-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA1YC-10 Abit BE7-B / BE7-G / BE7-S
11/28/2001-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1BC-6J Abit BL30G
08/26/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1MC-AV Abit IT7 / IT7E / IT7-MAX2
11/25/2002-i845GE-W83627-6A69VA1XC-CA Abit BG7E
11/28/2002-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA1RC-CW Abit BE7 / BE7-RAID
08/01/2002-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA19C-AQ Abit BL30
07/22/2003-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1LC-E9 Abit BD7-II / BD7-II RAID
07/19/2002-845GL-W83627F-6A69VA1QC-AG Abit BG71
06/17/2003-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA13C-15 Abit BH7 / BH7-E
09/11/2002-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1EC-BK Abit BD7M
05/03/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1MC-8Y Abit IT7 / IT7E
07/02/2002-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1AC-AB Abit BL7 / BL7-RAID / BW7 / BW7-RAID
08/26/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1LC-AW Abit BD7-II / BD7-II RAID
07/11/2003-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA1SC-E6 Abit IT7-MAX2 2.0
12/16/2002-i845G-W83627H-6A69VA1NC-D4 Abit BG7
03/04/2003-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA13C-12 Abit BH7
11/12/2002-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1DC-CR Abit BD7 / BD7-RAID
05/03/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1LC-93 Abit BD7-II / BD7-II RAID
11/28/2002-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA1SC-CV Abit IT7-MAX2 2.0
08/23/2002-i845G-W83627H-6A69VA1NC-AX Abit BG7
05/02/2002-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1DC-7B Abit BD7 / BD7-RAID
03/14/2002-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1AC-6V Abit BL7 / BL7-RAID / BW7 / BW7-RAID
12/17/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1MC-D7 Abit IT7 / IT7E / IT7-MAX2
05/03/2002-i845G-W83627H-6A69VA1NC-00 Abit BG7
04/24/2002-i845G-W83627-6A69VA1HC-8W Abit BG7M
06/17/2003-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA14C-11 Abit BD7-E
04/25/2003-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA1YC-11 Abit BE7-B / BE7-G / BE7-S
07/16/2001-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1AC-3H Abit BL7 / BL7-RAID / BW7 / BW7-RAID
09/17/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1MC-BT Abit IT7 / IT7E / IT7-MAX2
12/16/2002-i845GE-W83627-6A69VA1XC-D5 Abit BG7E
03/27/2003-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA1RC-DP Abit BE7 / BE7-RAID
01/03/2002-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1JC-6Y Abit BL30D
09/25/2003-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA15C-10 Abit BD7-III
12/18/2002-845GL-W83627F-6A69VA1QC-BC Abit BG71
09/16/2002-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA1RC-BS Abit BE7 / BE7-RAID
07/14/2003-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA11C-10 Abit BH71
07/02/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1MC-9W Abit IT7 / IT7E
09/16/2002-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1AC-BP Abit BL7 / BL7-RAID / BW7 / BW7-RAID
09/17/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1LC-BU Abit BD7-II / BD7-II RAID
09/01/2003-i845G-W83627H-6A69VA1NC-ED Abit BG7
03/18/2003-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA13C-13 Abit BH7
07/15/2003-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1DC-EA Abit BD7 / BD7-RAID
07/02/2002-i845E-W83627H-6A69VA1LC-9X Abit BD7-II / BD7-II RAID
12/16/2002-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA1SC-D6 Abit IT7-MAX2 2.0
09/23/2002-i845G-W83627H-6A69VA1NC-BN Abit BG7
02/19/2003-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA13C-10 Abit BH7
07/02/2002-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1DC-9Y Abit BD7 / BD7-RAID
05/14/2002-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1AC-8U Abit BL7 / BL7-RAID / BW7 / BW7-RAID
09/16/2002-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA1SC-BR Abit IT7-MAX2 2.0
06/26/2002-i845G-W83627H-6A69VA1NC-94 Abit BG7
11/06/2001-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1DC-4X Abit BD7 / BD7-RAID
07/11/2003-i845PE-W83627-6A69VA1YC-12 Abit BE7-B / BE7-G / BE7-S
09/14/2001-i845-W83627HF-6A69VA1AC-5C Abit BL7 / BL7-RAID / BW7 / BW7-RAID
6A6LJA1DC Abit VH6
6A6LJA19 Abit VT6X4
04/10/2000-8371-686A-6A6LKA1AC-RK Abit KA7 / KA7-100
04/21/2000-8371-686A-6A6LKA1AC-RX Abit KA7 / KA7-100
xx/xx/xxxx-8371-686A-6A6LKA1AC-00 Abit KA7
07/20/2000-8371-686A-6A6LKA1AC-TY Abit KA7 / KA7-100
03/24/2000-8371-686A-6A6LKA1AC-RJ Abit KA7 / KA7-100
11/07/2001-8363-686A-6A6LMA1AC-65 Abit KT7 1.3 / KT7A V1.3 / KT7A-R V1.3 / KT7-RAID 1.3 / KT7S
05/11/2001-8363-686A-6A6LMA19C-ZT Abit KT7 / KT7-R / KT7A / KT7A-R / KT7E / KT7-RAID
07/05/2001-8363-686A-6A6LMA1AC-3N Abit KT7 1.3 / KT7A V1.3 / KT7A-R V1.3 / KT7-RAID 1.3 / KT7S
12/15/2000-8363-686A-6A6LMA19C-WW Abit KT7 / KT7-R / KT7A / KT7A-R / KT7E / KT7-RAID
01/31/2002-8363-686A-6A6LMA19C-7N Abit KT7 / KT7-R / KT7A / KT7A-R / KT7E / KT7-RAID
07/05/2001-8363-686A-6A6LMA19C-3R Abit KT7 / KT7-R / KT7A / KT7A-R / KT7E / KT7-RAID
08/22/2002-8363-686A-6A6LMA1AC-B4 Abit KT7 1.3 / KT7A V1.3 / KT7A-R V1.3 / KT7-RAID 1.3 / KT7S
01/31/2002-8363-686A-6A6LMA1AC-7P Abit KT7 1.3 / KT7A V1.3 / KT7A-R V1.3 / KT7-RAID 1.3 / KT7S
03/30/2001-8363-686A-6A6LMA19C-ZH Abit KT7E
08/24/2001-8363-686A-6A6LMA1AC-4T Abit KT7 1.3 / KT7A V1.3 / KT7A-R V1.3 / KT7-RAID 1.3 / KT7S
01/29/2001-8363-686A-6A6LMA19C-WZ Abit KT7 / KT7-R / KT7A / KT7A-R / KT7E / KT7-RAID
11/15/2000-8363-686A-6A6LMA1AC-VM Abit KT20
07/28/2000-8363-686A-6A6LMA19C-TL Abit KT7 / KT7-R / KT7A / KT7A-R / KT7E / KT7-RAID
08/24/2001-8363-686A-6A6LMA19C-4A Abit KT7 / KT7-R / KT7A / KT7A-R / KT7E / KT7-RAID
12/12/2009-8363-686A-6A6LMA19C-WT Abit KT7 / KT7-R / KT7A / KT7A-R / KT7E / KT7-RAID
07/11/2002-8363-686A-6A6LMA19C-A9 Abit KT7 / KT7E / KT7-RAID
04/12/2002-8363-686A-6A6LMA1AC-8T Abit KT7 1.3 / KT7A V1.3 / KT7A-R V1.3 / KT7-RAID 1.3 / KT7S
10/12/2001-8363-686A-6A6LMA1AC-5S Abit KT7 1.3 / KT7A V1.3 / KT7A-R V1.3 / KT7-RAID 1.3 / KT7S
02/14/2001-8363-686A-6A6LMA19C-YH Abit KT7 / KT7-R / KT7A / KT7A-R / KT7E / KT7-RAID
12/28/2000-8363-686A-6A6LMA1AC-XG Abit KT20
08/25/2000-8363-686A-6A6LMA19C-UL Abit KT7 / KT7-R / KT7A / KT7A-R / KT7E / KT7-RAID
11/07/2001-8363-686A-6A6LMA19C-64 Abit KT7 / KT7-R / KT7A / KT7A-R / KT7E / KT7-RAID
05/11/2001-8363-686A-6A6LMA19C-3C Abit KT7 / KT7-R / KT7A / KT7A-R / KT7E / KT7-RAID
06/11/2002-8363-686A-6A6LMA1AC-9R Abit KT7 1.3 / KT7A V1.3 / KT7A-R V1.3 / KT7-RAID 1.3 / KT7S
11/18/2002-VT8366A-8233-6A6LVA1AC-CX Abit KR7A / KR7A-133 / KR7A-133R / KR7A-RAID
06/05/2002-VT8367-8233A-6A6LVA1BC-9K Abit KX7 / KX7-333 / KX7-333R
10/11/2002-VT8367-8233A-6A6LVA1CC-C4 Abit AT7
04/29/2002-VT8366A-8233-6A6LVA1AC-7G Abit KR7A / KR7A-R / KR7A-133 / KR7A-133R / KR7A-RAID
04/09/2002-VT8367-8233A-6A6LVA1CC-8R Abit AT7
11/07/2001-VT8366A-8233-6A6LVA1AC-5D Abit KR7A / KR7A-R / KR7A-RAID
06/05/2002-VT8367-8233A-6A6LVA1CC-8V Abit AT7
08/22/2002-VT8367-8233A-6A6LVA1BC-B6 Abit KX7 / KX7-333 / KX7-333R
08/29/2003-VT8367-8233A-6A6LVA1CC-ED Abit AT7
06/07/2002-VT8366A-8233-6A6LVA1AC-9N Abit KR7A / KR7A-133 / KR7A-133R / KR7A-RAID
06/05/2002-VT8367-8233A-6A6LVA1CC-8V Abit AT7
11/23/2001-VT8366A-8233-6A6LVA1AC-6G Abit KR7A / KR7A-R / KR7A-RAID
08/22/2002-VT8366A-8233-6A6LVA1AC-B5 Abit KR7A / KR7A-133 / KR7A-133R / KR7A-RAID
08/29/2003-VT8367-8233A-6A6LVA1BC-CN Abit KX7 / KX7-333 / KX7-333R
04/22/2002-VT8367-8233A-6A6LVA1BC-7M Abit KX7 / KX7-333 / KX7-333R
08/22/2002-VT8367-8233A-6A6LVA1CC-AN Abit AT7
12/27/2001-VT8366A-8233-6A6LVA1AC-6N Abit KR7A / KR7A-R / KR7A-133 / KR7A-133R / KR7A-RAID
04/03/2002-VT8366A-8233-6A6LVA1CC-8C Abit AT7
09/09/2002-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1AC-B8 Abit KD7 / KD7-RAID
07/25/2003-KT600-8237-6A6LYA1FC-11 Abit KD7A
01/08/2003-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1CC-12 Abit KD7G
04/02/2003-KT400-8235-6A6LYA19C-DD Abit AT7-MAX2
08/28/2003-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1BC-15 Abit KD7S
09/09/2002-KT400-8235-6A6LYA19C-B7 Abit AT7-MAX2
12/03/2002-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1BC-11 Abit KD7S
04/02/2003-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1AC-DN Abit KD7 / KD7E / KD7-RAID
11/05/2003-KT600-8237-6A6LYA1GC-13 Abit KV7
11/07/2002-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1AC-C8 Abit KD7 / KD7E / KD7-RAID
08/28/2003-KT600-8237-6A6LYA1FC-13 Abit KD7A
04/02/2003-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1CC-13 Abit KD7G
08/28/2003-KT400-8235-6A6LYA19C-EB Abit AT7-MAX2
11/19/2002-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1CC-10 Abit KD7G
12/03/2002-KT400-8235-6A6LYA19C-C5 Abit AT7-MAX2
01/08/2003-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1BC-12 Abit KD7S
08/28/2003-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1AC-EC Abit KD7 / KD7E / KD7-RAID
11/12/2002-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1AC-CS Abit KD7 / KD7E / KD7-RAID
08/05/2003-KT600-8237-6A6LYA1GC-11 Abit KV7
08/12/2002-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1AC-AE Abit KD7 / KD7-RAID
08/28/2003-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1CC-15 Abit KD7G
12/03/2002-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1CC-11 Abit KD7G
01/08/2003-KT400-8235-6A6LYA19C-DC Abit AT7-MAX2
04/02/2003-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1BC-13 Abit KD7S
08/12/2002-KT400-8235-6A6LYA19C-AD Abit AT7-MAX2
11/12/2002-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1BC-10 Abit KD7S
01/03/2003-KT400-8235-6A6LYA1AC-CY Abit KD7 / KD7E / KD7-RAID
09/22/2003-KT600-8237-6A6LYA1GC-12 Abit KV7
11/15/2002-761-686B-6A6S6A1AC-CT Abit KG7 / KG7-LITE / KG7-RAID
01/28/2002-761-686B-6A6S6A1AC-68 Abit KG7 / KG7-L / KG7-R / KG7-LITE / KG7-RAID
08/10/2001-761-686B-6A6S6A1AC-4J Abit KG7 / KG7-L / KG7-R / KG7-LITE / KG7-RAID
05/28/2001-761-686B-6A6S6A19C-WH Abit KG20
03/06/2003-761-686B-6A6S6A1AC-DM Abit KG7 / KG7-LITE / KG7-RAID
04/11/2002-761-686B-6A6S6A1AC-8S Abit KG7 / KG7-L / KG7-R / KG7-LITE / KG7-RAID
10/12/2001-761-686B-6A6S6A1AC-5E Abit KG7 / KG7-LITE / KG7-RAID
07/05/2001-761-686B-6A6S6A1AC-3Y Abit KG7 / KG7-L / KG7-R / KG7-LITE / KG7-RAID
10/26/2001-761-686B-6A6S6A19C-67 Abit KG20
03/06/2003-761-686B-6A6S6A1AC-DS Abit KG7 / KG7-LITE / KG7-RAID
06/10/2002-761-686B-6A6S6A1AC-9M Abit KG7 / KG7-LITE / KG7-RAID
10/22/2001-761-686B-6A6S6A1AC-5W Abit KG7 / KG7-L / KG7-R / KG7-LITE / KG7-RAID
07/27/2001-761-686B-6A6S6A1AC-4B Abit KG7 / KG7-L / KG7-R / KG7-LITE / KG7-RAID
07/08/2002-761-686B-6A6S6A19C-A6 Abit KG20
07/05/2001-761-686B-6A6S6A1AC-ZL Abit KG7 / KG7-L / KG7-R / KG7-LITE / KG7-RAID
11/04/2003-i865PE-W83627-6A79AA1BC-17 Abit IS7 / IS7-E / IS7-G
07/02/2003-i865PE-W83627-6A79AA1BC-14 Abit IS7 / IS7-E / IS7-G
04/11/2003-i865PE-W83627-6A79AA1BC-10 Abit IS7 / IS7-E / IS7-G
10/09/2003-i865G-W83627F-6A79AA1DC-13 Abit IS-50
10/07/2003-i865PE-W83627-6A79AA1IC-12 Abit AI7
08/26/2003-i865G-W83627-6A79AA1AC-11 Abit IS10
08/14/2003-i848P-W83627H-6A79AA1HC-11 Abit IS7V
06/25/2003-i865-W83627HF-6A79AA1CC-10 Abit IS7-M
07/14/2003-i865PE-W83627-6A79AA1BC-15 Abit IS7 / IS7-E / IS7-G
04/23/2003-i865PE-W83627-6A79AA1BC-11 Abit IS7 / IS7-E / IS7-G
10/09/2003-i865G-W83627F-6A79AA1DC-14 Abit IS-50
10/15/2003-i865PE-W83627-6A79AA1IC-13 Abit AI7
11/19/2003-i865G-W83627-6A79AA1AC-12 Abit IS10
11/06/2003-i848P-W83627H-6A79AA1HC-12 Abit IS7V
11/04/2003-i865-W83627HF-6A79AA1CC-11 Abit IS7-M
08/15/2003-i865PE-W83627-6A79AA1BC-16 Abit IS7 / IS7-E / IS7-G
06/10/2003-i865PE-W83627-6A79AA1BC-13 Abit IS7 / IS7-E / IS7-G
11/10/2003-i865G-W83627F-6A79AA1DC-15 Abit IS-50
11/10/2003-i865PE-W83627-6A79AA1IC-14 Abit AI7
07/29/2003-i865G-W83627F-6A79AA1DC-10 Abit IS-50
09/23/2003-i865PE-W83627-6A79AA1IC-11 Abit AI7
07/30/2003-i865PE-W83627-6A79AA1AC-10 Abit IS10
08/11/2003-i848P-W83627H-6A79AA1HC-10 Abit IS7V
08/05/2003-i875P-W83627H-6A79BA1AC-11 Abit IC7-MAX3
10/30/2003-i875P-W83627H-6A79BA19C-18 Abit IC7 / IC7-G
06/23/2003-i875P-W83627H-6A79BA19C-15 Abit IC7 / IC7-G
04/28/2003-i875P-W83627H-6A79BA19C-11 Abit IC7 / IC7-G
08/21/2003-i875P-W83627H-6A79BA1AC-12 Abit IC7-MAX3
11/18/2003-i875P-W83627H-6A79BA19C-19 Abit IC7 / IC7-G
07/11/2003-i875P-W83627H-6A79BA19C-16 Abit IC7 / IC7-G
05/19/2003-i875P-W83627H-6A79BA19C-13 Abit IC7 / IC7-G
10/30/2003-i875P-W83627H-6A79BA1AC-13 Abit IC7-MAX3
07/15/2003-i875P-W83627H-6A79BA1AC-10 Abit IC7-MAX3
08/21/2003-i875P-W83627H-6A79BA19C-17 Abit IC7 / IC7-G
06/09/2003-i875P-W83627H-6A79BA19C-14 Abit IC7 / IC7-G
03/27/2003-i875P-W83627H-6A79BA19C-10 Abit IC7 / IC7-G
10/07/2004-E7320-W83627H-6A79CA19C-11 Abit SI-2NS
10/01/2004-E7320-W83627H-6A79CA19C-10 Abit SI-2NS
10/18/2007-IX38-W627DHG-6A79PA1BC-11 Abit IX38 QuadGT
06/30/2008-IX38-W627DHG-6A79PA1AC-10-6A79PA1AC-10 Abit ix38gt3
07/04/2008-IX48-W627DHG-6A79PA1DC-10 Abit IX48GT3
09/21/2004-8131-M1563D-6A7K0A19C-00 Abit SU-2S
03/10/2006-ULi/M1697-6A7K8A1AC-10 Abit UL8 Pro (PCB: 1.0)
03/20/2006-RD580-M1575-6A7K9A1AC-10 Abit AT8 32X (PCB: 1.0)
10/09/2003-K8T800-8237-6A7L0A19C-15 Abit KV8-MAX3
11/27/2003-K8T800-8237-6A7L0A19C-17 Abit KV8-MAX3
11/07/2003-K8T800-8237-6A7L0A19C-16 Abit KV8-MAX3
10/01/2004-KT880-8237-6A7L3A19C-11 Abit KW7

AMI BIOS IDs are used to identify motherboards with an AMI BIOS. For more information visit our AMI BIOS ID information page.

At this moment we have 11 AMI BIOS IDs listed for Abit. Contact us if you have new IDs missing from the list :-)

Abit AMI BIOS Identification

AMI BIOS ID Motherboard manufacturer, model, PCB revision
30-0200-D01247-00101111-070791-SISAUTO-F Abit
40-01BB-001247-00101111-111192-SIS461-F Abit
40-01BF-001247-00101111-111192-UMC491-H Abit
40-01CF-001247-00101111-080893-ALI1429-H Abit
40-01DH-001247-00101111-080893-SIS461-H Abit
40-01EE-001247-00101111-080893-SIS471B-F Abit
40-01EJ-001247-00101111-080893-SIS461-F Abit
40-E8GA-001247-00101111-121593-SIS471-F Abit
40-PDHF-001247-00101111-072594-SIS471G-U Abit
X0-01AA-001247-00101111-060692-SISAUTO-F Abit AX4
40-E8FI-001247-00101111-121593-SIS471-L Abit V4S471P3

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