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How do I update my BIOS?
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  1. You can identify your AMI motherboard using the BIOS ID which is displayed on most computers at bootup. Per BIOS vendor (AMI, Award, Phoenix, ...) we have a seperate tab of motherboard BIOS Identifications.
  2. In the Website Links section we provide official and unofficial links to find free AMI BIOS upgrades

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AMI BIOS IDs are used to identify motherboards with an AMI BIOS. For more information visit our AMI BIOS ID information page.

At this moment we have 28 AMI BIOS IDs listed for AMI. Contact us if you have new IDs missing from the list :-)

AMI AMI BIOS Identification

AMI BIOS ID Motherboard manufacturer, model, PCB revision
51-0103-005721-00111111-1010914-AMIS721 AMI ???
51-0101-005727-00111111-071595-AMIS727-R AMI Atlas PCI II
51-0109-005721-00111111-101094-AMIS721-P AMI Atlas PCI P5 ISA
51-0100-000000-00111111-072594-O546822 AMI Atlas VLB S714P
41-0103-004668-00111111-111192-AMIS68-H AMI Enterprise III
41-0103-004668-00111111-111192-AMIS68-H AMI Enterprise-III 80486 EISA VL-Bus
50-0103-005706-00111111-121593-AMIS706 AMI Excalibur EISA S706P
51-0109-005722-00111111-101094-AMIS722 AMI Excalibur PCI III ISA S722P
50-0104-005701-00111111-121593-AMIS701 AMI Excalibur PCI S701P
61-0107-006730-00111111-071595-ORION-001_01_CHIPSET AMI Goliath S730P
63-0104-007803-00101111-102601-AMIS803-S803AT.ROM AMI Indium S803AT
63-0104-007803-00101111-102601-AMIS803-S803ATX.ROM AMI Indium S803ATX
40-0402-003642-00101111-121291-SCREAMER-F AMI Mark V 386 Baby Screamer Series 42 Rev C1
62-0108-006782-00101111-080901-AMIS782-0S769000 AMI MegaPlex II S782P
62-0110-006770-00101111-071595-AMIS770-0S769000 AMI MegaPlex S770P
62-0109-006770-00101111-071595-AMIS770-0S769000 AMI MegaPlex S770P
61-0100-006745-00111111-071595-AMIS745-00000000 AMI MegaPro S745P
62-0105-006774-00101111-071595-AMIS774-0AAPB005 AMI MegaRUM II S774P
62-0720-000000-00101111-071595-A751V686-1EVT300 AMI Megathon S804-08
61-0103-006750-00111111-071595-AMIS750-00000000 AMI Merlin DP S750P
61-0103-006735-00111111-071595-AMIS735-00000000 AMI Merlin S735P
73-0104-SER821-00101111-103002-AMIS821-0AAXC001 AMI Olympus II S821P
62-0101-006781-00101111-071595-AMIS781-0AAOB001 AMI Olympus S781P
61-0104-006759-00111111-071595-AMIS759-00000000 AMI Pegasus S759P
41-0103-004724-01111111-101094-AMIS724 AMI Super Voyager PCI II S724P
40-0106-004707-00111111-121593-AMIS707 AMI Super Voyager VLB III S707P
51-0109-005711-00111111-101094-AMIS711 AMI Titan II S711P
51-0104-000200-00111111-071595-AMIS729-A43C98370AJ AMI Titan III S729P

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