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  1. You can identify your Top Star motherboard using the BIOS ID which is displayed on most computers at bootup. Per BIOS vendor (AMI, Award, Phoenix, ...) we have a seperate tab of motherboard BIOS Identifications.
  2. In the Website Links section we provide official and unofficial links to find free Top Star BIOS upgrades

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Top Star BIOS Updates

Manufacturer - Model Chipset BIOS ID Full BIOS ID More info
Top Star Intel 865/848 SpringDale 6A79ATR9 6A79ATR9C-00 More info BIOS
Top Star VIA PRO266 (8633+8233) 6A6LUTR9 6A6LUTR9C-00 More info BIOS
Top Star Intel i845 6A69VTRD 6A69VTRDC-00 More info BIOS
Top Star VIA 694X/686A 6A6LJTR9 More info BIOS
Top Star VIA Apollo Pro Plus (692/ 2A6LGTRC More info BIOS
Top Star VIA KT133 (8363+596B/686A 6A6LMTR9 6A6LMTR9C-00 More info BIOS
Top Star Intel 815 Solano 6A69RTRA 6A69RTRAC-00 More info BIOS
Top Star Intel 815 Solano 6A69RTRE 6A69RTREC-00 More info BIOS
Top Star VIA PLE133T (8601+ 686) 6A6LITR9 6A6LITR9C-00 More info BIOS
Top Star Intel i845 6A69VTRA 6A69VTRAC-00 More info BIOS
Top Star 6A6LGTR9 6A6LGTR9C-00 More info BIOS
Top Star Intel 815 Solano 6A69RTR9 6A69RTR9C-00 More info BIOS
Top Star VIA KLE133 6A6LNTR9 6A6LNTR9C-00 More info BIOS
Top Star VIA P4X266 6A6LWTR9 6A6LWTR9C-00 More info BIOS
Top Star Intel 815 Solano 6A69RTRC 6A69RTRCC-00 More info BIOS
Top Star Intel i845 6A69VTR9 6A69VTR9C-00 More info BIOS
Top Star Intel Whitney 810 6A69MTR9 More info BIOS
Top Star Intel 440BX/GX/ZX 6A69KTRY More info BIOS
Top Star VIA Apollo Pro Plus (692/ 2A6LGTRD More info BIOS
Top Star VIA KT266/KM266/KT333 6A6LVTR9 6A6LVTR9C-00 More info BIOS
Top Star Intel 815 Solano 6A69RTRB 6A69RTRBC-00 More info BIOS
Top Star 6M694X VIA 694X/694T 6A6LJTRA 02/05/2002-694X-686B-6A6LJTRAC More info BIOS
Top Star H-N5AV Athlon 1100 rev 0 6A61M001 07/25/2007-NF-MCP68-6A61M001C-00 More info BIOS
Top Star H-N5AV Athlon 1100 rev 0 6A61M001 05/24/2008-NF-MCP68-6A61M001C-00 More info BIOS
Top Star SW-810T Intel Whitney 810 6A69MTRA 09/25/2001-I810(E)-W8362-6A69MTRAC More info BIOS
Top Star T VIA 694X/694T 6A6LJTRA 02/05/2002-694X-686B-6A6LJTRAC More info BIOS
Top Star TM-815EPB i815-47B27X 6A69RTRD 09/07/2001-I815-W83627HF-6A69RTRDC-00 More info BIOS
Top Star TM-815EPB i815-47B27X 6A69RTR1 09/07/2001-I815-W83627HF-6A69RTRDC-00 More info BIOS

Award BIOS IDs are used to identify motherboards with an Award BIOS. For more information visit our Award BIOS ID information page.

At this moment we have 224 Award BIOS IDs listed for Top Star. Contact us if you have new IDs missing from the list :-)

Top Star Award BIOS Identification

Award BIOS ID Motherboard manufacturer, model, PCB revision
04/16/1999-440ZX-ITE8679-2A69KTRAC-00 Top Star TMBXA370
11/09/1998-i440BX-ITE867-2A69KTR9C-00 Top Star TM-686BX
08/17/2000-693A-686A-2A6LGTREC-00 Top Star TM-693A6
02/21/2000-693A-686A-2A6LGTRDC-00 Top Star TM-693A1
08/09/2000-693A-686A-2A6LGTREC-00 Top Star TM-693A3
04/16/1999-692-596-8679-2A6LGTRBC-00 Top Star TM-ZXA370
09/09/2004-nForce2-MCP2S-6A61BTR9C-00 Top Star H-NFU400
12/11/2004-nForce2-MCP2S-6A61BTR9C-00 Top Star H-NFU400
04/11/2005-nForce2-MCP2S-6A61BTR9C-00 Top Star H-NFU400
08/11/2004-nForce2-MCP2S-6A61BTR9C-00 Top Star H-NFU400
07/13/2000-i810(E)-W8362-6A69MTRAC-00 Top Star TM-810A/E
09/25/2001-i810(E)-W8362-6A69MTRAC-00 Top Star TM-810T
05/15/2001-i810(E)-W8362-6A69MTRAC-00 Top Star TM-810C
07/17/2000-i810(E)-W8362-6A69MTRAC-00 Top Star TM-810A
09/25/2001-i810(E)-W8362-6A69MTRAC-00 Top Star TM-810V
09/25/2001-i810(E)-W8362-6A69MTRAC-00 Top Star TM-810D
07/13/2000-i810(E)-W8362-6A69MTRAC-00 Top Star TM-810B/E
10/26/1999-i810-W83627F-6A69MTR9C-00 Top Star TM-810
11/01/2003-i810-W83627F-6A69MTRCC-00 Top Star TM-810E2/EL2
02/15/2001-i810(E)-W8362-6A69MTRAC-00 Top Star TM-810B/E / TM-810C
08/30/2001-i815-W83627HF-6A69RTRDC-00 Top Star TM-815EP
09/07/2001-i815-W83627HF-6A69RTRDC-00 Top Star TM-815E
09/07/2001-i815-W83627HF-6A69RTRDC-00 Top Star TM-815EP
09/07/2001-i815-W83627HF-6A69RTRDC-00 Top Star TM-815EPB
09/07/2001-i815-W83627HF-6A69RTRDC-00 Top Star TM-815EB
09/07/2001-i815-W83627HF-6A69RTRDC-00 Top Star TM-815EPM
09/07/2001-i815-W83627HF-6A69RTRDC-00 Top Star TM-815EM
12/22/2000-i815-W83627HF-6A69RTRDC-00 Top Star TM-815E
08/18/2006-i845PE/GV-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star PXE845
05/17/2003-i845PE-IT8712-6A69VTRCC-00 Top Star H-845PEPRO/PEL
01/09/2002-i845-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845E
09/26/2005-i845PE/GV-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845GVML2
05/27/2003-i845-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845DE
02/27/2003-i845G-W83627H-6A69VTRBC-00 Top Star TM-845PE2/GE2 / TM-845GE
03/19/2004-i845PE-6A69VTRCC-00 Top Star TM-845PE8
01/07/2003-i845G-W83627H-6A69VTRBC-00 Top Star TM-845GE/PE
11/23/2004-i845PE/GV-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845PEML
01/09/2002-i845-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845S
01/09/2002-i845-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845D
06/23/2005-i845PE/GV-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845GX53
06/12/2003-H845EU6-W8362-6A69VTRDC-00 Top Star TM-845E6/EML
04/17/2004-i845E-W83627-6A69VTRCC-00 Top Star TM-845E8/EM8
01/04/2002-i845-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845D
06/09/2004-i845PE-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845PE8
01/07/2003-i845G-ITE8712-6A69VTRAC-00 Top Star TM-845GL/GLM
11/23/2004-i845PE/GV-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845GVML2
08/21/2001-i845-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845S
10/12/2001-i845-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845D
12/17/2003-i845E-W83627-6A69VTRCC-00 Top Star TM-845E2/DE/DEM
04/22/2004-i845E-W83627-6A69VTRCC-00 Top Star TM-845E8/EM8
01/09/2002-i845-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845D
09/20/2004-i845PE-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845PE8
01/07/2003-i845G-W83627H-6A69VTRBC-00 Top Star TM-845GV / TM-845GLML/GLM2 / TM-845GL/GLM / TM-84GL2 / TM-845GE/PE
04/12/2005-i845PE/GV-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845GVML2
10/12/2001-i845-6A69VTR9C-00 Top Star TM-845S
11/13/2000-694X-686A-6A6LJTRAC-00 Top Star TM-694XVB or TM-694XVD
05/28/2001-694X-686B-6A6LJTRAC-00 Top Star TM-694XB or TM-694XD or TM-694XE
08/30/2000-694X-686A-6A6LJTRAC-00 Top Star TM-694XA
02/05/2002-694X-686B-6A6LJTRAC-00 Top Star TM-694XT
05/28/2001-694X-686B-6A6LJTRAC-00 Top Star TM-694XA
11/20/2000-8363-686A-6A6LMTR9C-00 Top Star TM-KT133
04/02/2001-8363-686A-6A6LMTR9C-00 Top Star TM-KT133A
08/02/2001-8363-686A-6A6LMTR9C-00 Top Star TM-KT133A
05/22/2001-VT8633-8233-6A6LUTR9C-00 Top Star TM-PRO266
09/28/2001-P4X266-8233-6A6LWTR9C-00 Top Star TM-P4XA
01/09/2002-P4X266-8233-6A6LWTR9C-00 Top Star TM-P4XB
01/09/2002-P4X266-8233-6A6LWTR9C-00 Top Star TM-P4X266A
11/04/2004-Springdale-G-6A79ATR9C-00 Top Star TM-865PSD
03/22/2004-Springdale-G-6A79ATR1C-00 Top Star TM-865PE2
09/07/2005-Springdale-G-6A79ATR9C-00 Top Star TM-865PE2
04/29/2003-Springdale-G-6A79ATR9C-00 Top Star TM-848P/865GV or TM-865G2/PE2 or H-865GSL/865PESL or H-848PSL or TM-865GML/865PEML/865GVML/848PML
04/27/2004-Springdale-G-6A79ATR1C-00 Top Star TM-865G2/GVM
04/01/2004-848P-6A79ATR1C-00 Top Star TM-848P
10/14/2004-848P-6A79ATR9C-00 Top Star TM-848P
08/05/2005-848P-6A79ATR9C-00 Top Star TM-848P2
11/04/2004-Springdale-G-6A79ATR9C-00 Top Star TM-865PE2
12/19/2005-Springdale-G-6A79ATR9C-00 Top Star TM-865PEL
05/16/2003-Springdale-G-6A79ATR9C-00 Top Star H-865GSL/865PESL
09/14/2005-Springdale-G-6A79ATR1C-00 Top Star TM-865G2
10/10/2004-848P-6A79ATR9C-00 Top Star TM-848P
12/10/2005-848P-6A79ATR9C-00 Top Star TM-848PL
09/09/2004-Springdale-G-6A79ATR9C-00 Top Star H-865pesl
07/07/2005-Springdale-G-6A79ATR9C-00 Top Star TM-865PE2
02/22/2006-Springdale-6A79ATR9C-00 Top Star TM-865PEL
07/07/2004-Springdale-G-6A79ATR9C-00 Top Star TM-865PE2/PEM
04/08/2004-Springdale-G-6A79ATR1C-00 Top Star TM-865G2
02/24/2006-Springdale-6A79ATR9C-00 Top Star TM-848PL
04/09/2004-Springdale-G-6A79ATR1C-00 Top Star H-865GSL/PESL
11/30/1999-692/693-596B-testudmaC-00 Top Star TM-PRA370
09/20/2005-nForce-6A61CTPTC-00 Top Star H-K8NF7
10/13/2004-nForce-6A61CTPTC-00 Top Star H-K8NF7
10/12/2005-nForce-6A61CTPTC-00 Top Star H-K8NF7C
09/13/2005-nForce-6A61CTPTC-00 Top Star H-K8NF7C
08/03/2005-nForce-6A61CTPTC-00 Top Star H-K8NF7C
10/26/2006-NF-CK804-6A61F00EC-00 Top Star H-N4M2
09/23/2005-NF-CK804-6A61F009C-00 Top Star NF-CK804-Ultra
10/14/2005-NF-CK804-6A61F009C-00 Top Star H-K8N4X
02/09/2006-NF-CK804-6A61F009C-00 Top Star H-K8N4C
09/20/2006-NF-CK804-6A61F00EC-00 Top Star H-N4MK
01/03/2006-NF-CK804-6A61F009C-00 Top Star H-K8N4C
07/21/2006-NF-CK804-6A61F00EC-00 Top Star H-N4MK
12/20/2006-NF-CK804-6A61F00EC-00 Top Star H-N4M2
09/18/2006-NF-CK804-6A61F00EC-00 Top Star H-N4M2
07/05/2006-NF-CK804-6A61F00EC-00 Top Star H-N4M2
06/23/2006-NF-CK804-6A61F00EC-00 Top Star H-N4M2
05/10/2005-NF-CK804-6A61F009C-00 Top Star NF-CK804-UltraC
06/04/2005-NF-CK804-6A61F009C-00 Top Star NF-CK804-Ultra
01/17/2006-NF-CK804-6A61F009C-00 Top Star H-K8N4X
03/06/2006-NF-CK804-6A61F009C-00 Top Star H-K8N4X
03/01/2006-NF-CK804-6A61F009C-00 Top Star H-K8N4X
12/09/2005-NF-CK804-6A61F009C-00 Top Star NF-CK804-Ultra
03/30/2006-C51MCP51-6A61H009C-00 Top Star H-K8C51G
03/02/2006-C51MCP51-6A61H009C-00 Top Star H-K8C51G
11/28/2006-C51MCP51-6A61H009C-00 Top Star H-K8C51G
05/09/2006-C51MCP51-6A61H009C-00 Top Star TM-C51GM2
05/18/2006-C51MCP51-6A61H009C-00 Top Star H-K8C51G
06/23/2006-C51MCP51-6A61H009C-00 Top Star TM-C51GM2
08/01/2006-C51MCP51-6A61H009C-00 Top Star TM-C51GM2
10/28/2006-C51MCP51-6A61H009C-00 Top Star TM-C51GM2
11/08/2006-NF-MCP55-6A61J001C-00 Top Star H-NF5AL
08/10/2006-NF-MCP55-6A61J001C-00 Top Star H-NF5AL
10/16/2006-NF-MCP61-6A61K001C-00 Top Star TM-C61VM
10/11/2006-NF-MCP61-6A61K001C-00 Top Star TM-C61VM
05/15/2006-RC410-SB450-6A66500DC-00 Top Star H-P5RC41M
12/27/2000-601-686A-6A6LI00AC-00 Top Star TM-813A
12/27/2000-601-686A-6A6LI00AC-00 Top Star TM-813
11/06/2003-CLE266-8235-6A6LU00IC-00 Top Star TM-816B
07/18/2003-CLE266-8233/5-6A6LU00IC-00 Top Star TM-816B
06/30/2003-CLE266-8233/5-6A6LU00IC-00 Top Star TM-816B
12/06/2001-P4M266-8233-6A6LW00AC-00 Top Star TM-P4M266
02/20/2003-P4X266-8233-6A6LWTR9C-00 Top Star TM-P4X266E (PCB: 4.0)
07/29/2002-P4X266-8233-6A6LW00BC-00 Top Star TM-P4X266E (PCB: 3.0)
08/14/2001-P4X266-8233-6A6LW009C-00 Top Star TM-845V
12/30/2003-KT600-8237-6A6LY00GC-00 Top Star TM-KT600L
04/04/2005-KT600-8237-6A6LY00GC-00 Top Star H-KT600L
07/23/2004-KT600-8237-6A6LY00GC-00 Top Star H-KT600L
02/05/2004-KT600-8237-6A6LY00GC-00 Top Star H-KT600L
07/27/2004-KT600-8237-6A6LY00GC-00 Top Star H-KT600Pro
09/02/2004-KT600-8237-6A6LY00GC-00 Top Star H-KT600DL
10/28/2004-KT400-8235-6A6LY009C-00 Top Star H-KT400AL
03/11/2004-KT400A-8235-6A6LY009C-00 Top Star H-KT400AL
08/14/2003-KT400-8235-6A6LY009C-00 Top Star H-KT400AL
06/07/2006-Springdale-G-6A79ATTTC-00 Top Star TM-P5865GV
01/04/2005-Springdale-G-6A79A009C-00 Top Star TM-865PEA
02/22/2006-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star TM-915P2
08/04/2006-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star TM-915P2
11/13/2006-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star TM-915GVM3
09/16/2006-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star TM-915PD2
10/18/2006-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star TM-915GVM2
12/16/2005-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star TM-915PD2
01/18/2005-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star H-915G
08/24/2004-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star H-915G
08/24/2004-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star H-915P
01/12/2005-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star H-915P
01/18/2005-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star H-915P
02/24/2006-Grantsdale-6A79D00BC-00 Top Star TM-915GVM2
04/28/2005-Grantsdale-6A79D00BC-00 Top Star TM-910GLM
09/01/2006-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star TM-915GVM3
10/26/2005-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star TM-915PL
07/29/2005-Grantsdale-6A79D00BC-00 Top Star TM-910GLM
07/11/2005-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star TM-915PL
07/24/2006-Grantsdale-6A79D00BC-00 Top Star TM-915GVM3
07/27/2005-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star TM-915PL
12/30/2005-Grantsdale-6A79D00BC-00 Top Star TM-915MEC
08/19/2005-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star TM-915PL
02/24/2006-Grantsdale-6A79D00BC-00 Top Star TM-915MEC
10/26/2006-LakePort-6A79H009C-00 Top Star H-945PK2
08/25/2006-LakePort-6A79H009C-00 Top Star H-945PK2
08/04/2006-LakePort-6A79H009C-00 Top Star H-945PK2
11/18/2006-LakePort-6A79H009C-00 Top Star H-945PK2
01/31/2007-LakePort-6A79H009C-00 Top Star H-945PK2
08/04/2006-Grantsdale-6A79D009C-00 Top Star TM-915PD2
07/28/2006-LakePort-6A79H009C-00 Top Star H-945PK
04/26/2006-LakePort-6A79H009C-00 Top Star H-945PL2
03/11/2006-LakePort-6A79H009C-00 Top Star H945PL/PL2
07/17/2006-Broadwater-6A79L00AC-00 Top Star H-946PL
10/12/2006-Broadwater-6A79L00AC-00 Top Star TM-946GZM
08/11/2006-Broadwater-6A79L00AC-00 Top Star TM-946GZM
06/19/2006-Broadwater-6A79L00AC-00 Top Star TM-946GZM
08/02/2006-Broadwater-6A79L00AC-00 Top Star H-946PL
09/27/2006-Broadwater-6A79L00AC-00 Top Star H-965P
08/25/2006-Broadwater-6A79L00AC-00 Top Star H-946P
06/27/2005-SiS-661FX-6A7I4STRC-00 Top Star TM-P4S661G
06/27/2005-SiS-661FX-6A7I4STRC-00 Top Star TM-P4S661G
05/19/2005-SiS-661FX-6A7I4STRC-00 Top Star TM-P4S661G
11/09/2005-SiS-661-6A7I400IC-00 Top Star TM-P5S661G
08/25/2005-SiS-661-6A7I400IC-00 Top Star TM-P5S661G
11/28/2005-SiS-760-6A7I700CC-00 Top Star TM-K8S7G
08/18/1905-SiS-760-6A7I700CC-00 Top Star TM-K8S7G
07/05/2005-SiS-760-6A7I700CC-00 Top Star TM-K8S7G
11/29/2004-SiS-741-6A7I800AC-00 Top Star H-K741GXM
09/02/2004-SiS-741-6A7I800AC-00 Top Star H-K741GXM
08/21/2004-SiS-741-6A7I800AC-00 Top Star H-K741GXM
07/10/2004-SiS-741-6A7I800AC-00 Top Star H-K741GXM
04/13/2005-K8/M1689D-6A7K000AC-00 Top Star TM-K8U89L
02/11/2004-M1683/M1563D-6A7K2009C-00 Top Star TM-P4U83
04/09/2004-M1683/M1563D-6A7K2009C-00 Top Star TM-P4U83
07/08/2004-M1683/M1563D-6A7K2009C-00 Top Star TM-P4U83
11/19/2004-K8T800-8237-6A7L000CC-00 Top Star H-K8T8SL
09/06/2005-K8T800-8237-6A7L000CC-00 Top Star H-K8T8SL
06/15/2005-K8T800-8237-6A7L000CC-00 Top Star H-K8T8SL
08/25/2005-K8T800P-8237-6A7L1009C-00 Top Star TM-K8V8S
06/02/2005-K8T800P-8237-6A7L1009C-00 Top Star TM-K8V8C
06/11/2005-K8T800P-8237-6A7L1009C-00 Top Star TM-K8V8
08/25/2005-K8T800P-8237-6A7L1009C-00 Top Star TM-K8V8
06/22/2005-K8T800P-8237-6A7L1009C-00 Top Star TM-K8V8
09/03/2005-PT880/800-6A7L2009C-00 Top Star TM-P4T880/800
08/15/2005-PT880/800-6A7L2009C-00 Top Star TM-P4T880/800
08/13/1905-PT880/800-6A7L2009C-00 Top Star TM-P4T880/800
03/21/2006-K8T890-8237-6A7L500BC-00 Top Star TM-K8V89D
01/13/2006-K8T890-8237-6A7L500BC-00 Top Star TM-K8V89D
12/01/2005-K8T890-8237-6A7L500BC-00 Top Star TM-K8V89D
08/23/2006-K8T890-8237-6A7L500BC-00 Top Star TM-K8V89D
04/08/2006-K8T890-8237-6A7L500AC-00 Top Star H-K8V89E
08/24/2005-K8T890-8237-6A7L500BC-00 Top Star H-K8V89E
05/21/2005-K8T890-8237-6A7L500BC-00 Top Star H-K8V89E
02/22/2006-P4M800Pro-823-6A7L6009C-00 Top Star TM-P5M8Pro
11/11/2005-P4M800Pro-823-6A7L6009C-00 Top Star TM-P5M8Pro
01/15/2007-P4M800Pro-823-6A7L600EC-00 Top Star TM-VM800
11/16/2006-P4M800Pro-823-6A7L6009C-00 Top Star TM-P5M8Pro

AMI BIOS IDs are used to identify motherboards with an AMI BIOS. For more information visit our AMI BIOS ID information page.

At this moment we have 10 AMI BIOS IDs listed for Top Star. Contact us if you have new IDs missing from the list :-)

Top Star AMI BIOS Identification

AMI BIOS ID Motherboard manufacturer, model, PCB revision
62-1000-004006-00101111-040201-I845-3AAAD004 Top Star TM-845D / TM-845DE
62-1000-004006-00101111-040201-I845-3AAAD008 Top Star TM-845DE
62-1000-004006-00101111-040201-I845G-3AAAA009 Top Star TM-845G
62-1000-004006-00101111-040201-I845G-3AAAA008 Top Star TM-845G/GL
62-1000-004006-00101111-040201-I845G-3AAAI012 Top Star TM-845G/GL
62-1000-004006-00101111-040201-I845G-3AAAI013 Top Star TM-845G/GL/GLM
62-1000-004006-00101111-040201-I845G-3AAAI012 Top Star TM-845GL
62-1000-004006-00101111-040201-I845G-3AAAI004 Top Star TM-845GLM / TM-845GL / TM-845G
62-2000-004006-00101111-040201-VIA_P6-3AAAE007 Top Star Tm-845V
62-2000-004006-00101111-040201-VIA_P6-3AAAE004 Top Star TM-P4X266A2

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