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SiS 620 chipset based motherboards using Award BIOS IDs

On this page you can find a list of all Award BIOS IDs we have collected for the SiS 620 chipset.

Award BIOS IDs for chipset: SiS 620

Award BIOS ID Motherboard manufacturer and model
01/07/2000-SiS-620-2A6INPNAC-00 Procomp Informatics BS61B-A (PCB: )
01/14/2000-SiS-620-2A6INPN9C-00 Procomp Informatics BS61M-A/BS61M-AR
03/03/1999-SiS-620-2A6INECBC-00 ENPC KS21
03/04/1999-SiS-620-2A6INECBC-00 ENPC KS21
03/24/1999-SiS-620-2A6INECBC-00 ENPC KS21
03/31/1999-SiS-620-2A6ING5AC-00 Pine Technology S370 all-in-one (PCB: )
05/31/1999-SiS-620-2A6INPN9C-00 Procomp Informatics BS61M-A/BS61M-AR
05/31/1999-SiS-620-2A6ING5AC-00 Pine Technology S101 (PCB: )
06/22/1999-SiS-620-2A6ING5AC-00 Pine Technology S102 (PCB: )
06/30/1999-SiS-620-2A6INPN9C-00 Procomp Informatics BS61M-A/BS61M-AR (PCB: )
07/27/1999-SiS-620-2A6INPC9C-00 Pine Technology TL-S622 (2MB Winbond) (PCB: )
08/02/1999-SiS-620-2A6INPN9C-00 Procomp Informatics BS61M-A/BS61M-AR (PCB: )
08/13/1999-SiS-620-2A6INF09C-00 FIC (FICA) CE31-A
08/23/1999-SiS-620-2A6INPNAC-00 Procomp Informatics BS61B-A (PCB: )
08/31/1999-SiS-620-2A6INJ1CC-00 Jetway 720AF/AH/AN
10/09/2000-SiS-620-2A6INPCAC-00 Pine Technology TL-S624 (PCB: )
11/15/1999-SiS-620-2A6ING5AC-00 Pine Technology S103 (PCB: )
11/17/2000-SiS-620-2A6INPCAC-00 Pine Technology TL-S624 (PCB: )

SiS 620 chipset based motherboard using freestyle Award BIOS IDs

SiS 620 chipset based motherboard using freestyle Award BIOS IDs

Award BIOS ID Motherboard manufacturer and model
02/01/1999-SiS620-MES-VM Asus MES-VM
06/04/1999-SiS620-MES-N-00 Asus MES-N
07/15/1999-SiS620-ME-99 Asus MES
07/15/1999-SiS620-ME-99 Asus ME-99
07/15/1999-SiS620-ME-99B-00 Asus ME-99B
07/15/1999-SiS620-ME-99B-00 Asus MES-B
07/15/1999-SiS620-ME-99VM-00 Asus ME-99VM
07/16/1999-SiS-620-CB649MSIC-00 Daewoo CB649M-SI

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