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Intel 440BX/ZX/GX chipset (with Award BIOS v6.00) chipset based motherboards using Award BIOS IDs

On this page you can find a list of all Award BIOS IDs we have collected for the Intel 440BX/ZX/GX chipset (with Award BIOS v6.00) chipset.

Award BIOS IDs for chipset: Intel 440BX/ZX/GX chipset (with Award BIOS v6.00)

Award BIOS ID Motherboard manufacturer and model
01/03/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-VP Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
01/04/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-XK Abit BX133 / BX133-RAID
01/04/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-XK Abit BE6-II (PCB: 2.0)
01/04/2001-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-VN Abit BE6-II
01/17/2000-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-QJ Abit BE6-II
01/17/2000-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-QJ Abit BF6
02/08/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-XU Abit BF6
02/08/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-XV Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
02/08/2001-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-XU Abit BE6-II
02/14/2001-i440BX/ZX-W97-6A69KSNJC-00 Soltek SL-65EB
04/21/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-RP Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
05/02/2000-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-RV Abit BE6-II
05/02/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-RV Abit BF6
05/02/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-ZW Abit BX133 / BX133-RAID
05/02/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-ZX Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
05/02/2002-i430BX-SMC869-6A69KCEAC-00 Crete Systems RT 868 EX (Rocky ll)
05/22/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-RW Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
06/21/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-SH Abit BF6
06/21/2000-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-SH Abit BE6-II
07/03/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-SV Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
07/03/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-SZ Abit BX133 / BX133-RAID
07/26/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-TT Abit BX133 / BX133-RAID
08/08/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-UH Abit BF6
08/08/2000-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-UH Abit BE6-II
08/08/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-UK Abit BX133 / BX133-RAID
08/08/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-UK Abit BE6-II (PCB: 2.0)
08/21/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-UJ Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
09/15/2000-i440BX-W977TF-6A69KPA9C-00 Epox KP6-BS (2Mb)
10/11/1999-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-NP Abit BF6
10/11/1999-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-NP Abit BE6-II
10/16/1999-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-NY Abit BE6-II
10/16/2000-i440GX-W977TF-6A69KPABC-00 Epox EP-GXB-M
10/19/1999-i440BX-SMC602-6A69KM3JC-00 HP Vectra VEI8
11/09/1999-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-NZ Abit BF6
11/09/1999-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-NZ Abit BE6-II
11/30/1999-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-PO Abit BF6
11/30/1999-i440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-PO Abit BE6-II
12/03/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-70 Abit BF6
12/03/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-72 Abit BX133 / BX133-RAID
12/03/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA19C-70 Abit BE6-II
12/03/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-72 Abit BE6-II (PCB: 2.0)
12/03/2001-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1BC-71 Abit BE6-II (PCB: 1.2)
12/09/1999-i440BX-SMC602-6A69KM3JC-00 Mitac 6110
12/21/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-VI Abit BE6-II (PCB: 2.0)
12/21/2000-I440BX-W977-6A69KA1CC-VI Abit BX133 / BX133-RAID
12/30/1998-i440BX-SMC602-6A69KM3JC-00 Mitac 6110

Intel 440BX/ZX/GX chipset (with Award BIOS v6.00) chipset based motherboard using freestyle Award BIOS IDs

Intel 440BX/ZX/GX chipset (with Award BIOS v6.00) chipset based motherboard using freestyle Award BIOS IDs

Award BIOS ID Motherboard manufacturer and model
01/09/2000-i440BX-W977-62400000C-EC Atrend ATC-6240 V2.0 (PCB: R06)
01/16/2001-SMSC-W977EF-7020BXIIC-JW Atrend ATC7020BXII
01/17/2001-SMSC-W977EF-6310BXIIC-JW Atrend ATC6310BXII
02/08/1999-i440BX-W977TF-6240C-KZ Atrend ATC-6240 BX Serial MB (PCB: 1)
02/09/1999-i440BX-W977EF-6250M-00 Atrend ATC6250M
02/09/1999-i440BX-W977EF-6251M-00 Atrend ATC6251M
04/01/1999-i440ZX-W977-6521M-ZXC-EO Atrend ATC-6521M-ZX
04/08/2000-i440ZX-W977EF-6310MC-IP Atrend ATC-6310M (ZX)
04/10/2000-i440BX-W977-62400000C-YB Atrend ATC-6240 V2.0 (PCB: R06)
04/10/2000-i440BX-W977-62400000C-YB Atrend ATC-6240 BX Serial MB (PCB: 3)
05/04/1999-i440ZX-W977EF-7301M990C-MT Atrend ATC7301M
05/05/1999-i440BX-W977-ATC-6521C-DW Atrend ATC-6521M
05/05/1999-i440ZX-W977-6320M100C-DW Atrend ATC-6320
05/08/2000-i440BX-W977-ATC7020BC-HN Atrend ATC-7020B
05/12/99-i440ZX-P2-99B-00 Asus P2-99B
05/25/1999-i440BX-W977TF-6240-VH Atrend ATC-6240 V1.0
05/25/1999-i440BX-W977TF-ATC-6220C-VH Atrend ATC-6220 (PCB: V1.0)
05/25/1999-i440BX-W977TF-ATC-6220C-VH Atrend ATC-6220 (PCB: V2.0)
05/25/1999-i440BX-W977TF-ATC-6260C-VH Atrend ATC-6260 (PCB: B)
05/25/1999-i440BX-W977TF-BX-440B-VH Atrend BX-440B
05/28/1999-i440ZX-W977EF-7300M000C-00 Atrend ATC7300M
05/31/1999-i440BX-W977EF-6241-MD Atrend ATC-6241
05/31/1999-i440BX-W977EF-6250M-MD Atrend ATC6250M
05/31/1999-i440BX-W977EF-6251M-MD Atrend ATC6251M
07/09/1999-i440BX-W977-6280M000C-SR Atrend ATC-6280 (PCB: B)
07/16/99-i440BX-P2B-D-00 Asus P2B-D
07/28/98 - I440BX-<<P2B>>-00 Asus P2B
08/07/2000-i440BX-W977-GA6BXS00C-00 Magic-Pro MP-6DBX/S
08/10/1999-i440BX-W977-6280M000C-RI Atrend ATC-6280 (PCB: C)
08/10/1999-i440BX-W977-6280M000C-RI Atrend ATC-6280M (PCB: 2)
08/17/1999-i440BX-P3B-1394C-00 Asus P3B-1394
08/20/1999-i440BX-W977EF-ATC6254MC-CB Atrend ATC-6254M (Voodoo3000) or ATC-6254M (Voodoo2000)
09/13/2000-i440BX-W977-62400000C-AP Atrend ATC-6240 BX Serial MB (PCB: 3)
09/15/98-i440BX-P2B-D2 Asus P2B-D2
09/29/98-i440BX-P2B-VM Asus P2B-VM
10/09/98-i440BX-P2B-F Asus P2B-F
10/09/98-i440BX-P2B-N-00 Asus P2B-N
10/12/2000-i440ZX-W977EF-ATC6310MC-VR Atrend ATC-6310M (ZX)
10/27/98-i440BX-P2B-B-00 Asus P2B-B
11/09/1998-691-596-W877-ATC-6540C-00 Atrend ATC-6540
11/13/2000-i440BX-W977-62400000C-EQ Atrend ATC-6240 BX Serial MB (PCB: 3)
11/13/2000-i440BX-W977-7020C-EQ Atrend ATC-7020B
11/22/1999-i440ZX-W977EF-6310MC-JE Atrend ATC-6310M (ZX)
11/26/1999-i440BX-W977-62400000C-EI Atrend ATC-6240 BX Serial MB (PCB: 2)
11/26/1999-i440BX-W977-62400000C-EI Atrend ATC-6240 V2.0
12/08/1999-i440BX-W977EF-ATC-6230C-KZ Atrend ATC-6230
12/08/98-i440GX-XG-DLS-00 Asus XG-DLS
12/09/1999-i440BX-W977TF-ATC-6220C-00 Atrend ATC-6220 (PCB: V1.0)
12/18/98-i440BX-MEB-VM Asus MEB-VM
12/21/1999-i440BX-W977-62400000C-HZ Atrend ATC-6240 V2.0 (PCB: R06)

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