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How do I update my BIOS?

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There are a lot of possible dangers of updating a BIOS. By applying the wrong BIOS your computer can stop booting. But upgrading a BIOS can also bring various nice improvements to your system:

  • Large(r) hard drive support
  • Support for newer CPUs
  • Windows Vista and Windows XP ACPI Compliance (standby, hibernate, ...)
  • Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 support
  • Better stability and/or speed

One of the most important things a user has todo as a first step is to identify the manufacturer and model of the motherboard. Once you have done this you can then download the correct BIOS upgrade.

To make this motherboard identification easier, eSupport has developed a plugin for Google, Firefox and Internet Explorer: the BIOS Agent (spyware/adware free). This plugin will automatically identify your motherboard. It'll also let you know if you have any old Windows drivers installed.

We've tested the plugin and it does it job well. It doesn't install any adware or spyware and has been downloaded moren then 10 million times.

Below you can see the information it found for my system:

BIOS Agent scan result

Here you can see I'm using an Asus A8N-SLI Premium motherboard. The most important information are the BIOS ID and BIOS OEM fields.

You can send an enquiry to eSupport who will let you know if any BIOS upgrades are available for your motherboard. This may well be a very fast, safe and easy way to upgrade your BIOS!

Order BIOS for 29USD

The cost of buying a new BIOS via eSupport is 29.95USD and it includes:

  • the BIOS upgrade file & instructions
  • a free 1 year subscription to eSupport Driver update service
  • a 30 day refund policy - this is great as it allows you to get a refund if you're not satisfied with the new BIOS or you already have the latest version

So here is the link to the BIOS Agent scan page where you can scan your PC and eventually buy a BIOS upgrade if you want:

BIOS Agent Scan (spyware/adware free)

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